Downtown arena open house – live blog

The downtown plaza

The City of Sacramento  held open house on the plans to build a downtown arena Thursday at 5:30 pm to 7:30pm in the New City Hall Foyer. Here’s how the meeting went down on Twitter:

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  • Jamison Smith

    I am really not liking these non-stories followed by a pointless twitter aggregator.

    • Jared Goyette

      Thanks. Can you site another example or is it just this one? We’re still experimenting with this format.

  • Jamison Smith

    This is probably the third one I have seen recently, I really just don’t see the point and end up frustrated when I click on what looks like an interesting link to find no story.

    • Jared Goyette

      I would say that a live blog itself does have value, but some cases more than others. It worked well with the TDA forum, but not as well here. The ideal is to have the story and the blog, as with BierGarten today:

      In cases like that, the “as it happened” part gives a different perspective on what occurred, and often extra information or quotes/perspectives that didn’t end up in the article. This adds to the story, and also gives insight into how the story was produced.

      In that case at least, it’s not pointless.

    • Beth C

      This one was so dominated by partisan voices (the Crown Downtown tweeting) that it was less useful than the ones that are primarily reporters tweeting.

    • Jared Goyette

      Yeah, that’s my fault, I didn’t set it up well. Lesson learned.

  • Jason Miller

    Just a question, what are they going to do with the mall? I hear about the city talking about the Arena on K Street but it seems the mall question is being ignored.

    • William Burg

      Assuming that it happens (still an open question) the arena would take the place of about half of the mall, presumably the eastern half (although I have heard other reports that the Burkle team wants to put it on the western half, where Macy’s, the movie theaters, and Holiday Inn are located.)

      The deal includes several lots on or about K Street (the 800 K and Bel-Vue properties, 4th and J) that are owned by the city that would be transferred to the ownership group for their cash value, about $40 million of the $258 million city portion.