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Sacramento’s music scene has gotten its fair share of criticism lately, but every year, when The Sacramento News & Review‘s Sacramento Area Music Awards (SAMMIES) rolls around, there seems to be an endless supply of local talent to showcase. This year marks the 21st year the News & Review has hosted the SAMMIES awards, which are given out to local bands and artists after a public voting period.

There are 38 SAMMIES categories, ranging from Best Indie to Best Latin to Best Emcee. Artists who have received three awards are retired into the SAMMIES Hall of Fame (among the Hall of Famers this year are

emcee Random Abiladeze, reggae/punk band Arden Park Roots, and jazz musician Ross Hammond).

Autumn Sky

Last year, indie darling Autumn Sky stole the show with the most votes of any artist and two SAMMIES–Artist of the Year and Best Singer/Songwriter. This year, she’s as popular as ever–but vying for Artist of the year is also hip-hop trio Death Grips, which has become nationally well known over the past few months and was featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered Tuesday. This is the beauty of the SAMMIES: adorable redheaded chanteuses are featured right alongside hardcore rappers whose latest album cover features a penis with "No Love Deep Web" written on it.

Friday’s SAMMIES Festival and Music Awards will be hosted by Casey Lewis of 94.7FM and Andy Hawk of 98 Rock, and will feature live performances as well as awards presentations. Eighteen local musicians including Autumn Sky, Musical Charis, Arden Park Roots, and Live Manikins are scheduled to perform. Tickets are $5 door. 

There will always be those who criticize Sacramento’s music scene, but SN&R Editor Nick Miller put it well in his SAMMIES writeup: "It may not be as bouncy, sexy or celebrated as in the past. But the Sacramento music scene in 2012 sure has verve."

The SAMMIES Festival and Music Awards will be held at Ace of Spades, 1417 R Street, from 6:30pm to 12am on Friday, October 12th.


Editor’s note: An edit has been made to the Hall of Fame inductees.