Sacramento Wine and Massage Fundraiser for Local Resident Noe Cruz

Noe Cruz

SACRAMENTO – A fundraiser for Sacramento resident Noe Cruz will be held on Saturday September 22, at Splash Night Club, 805 15th Street, Sacramento (in the patio), from 7-10pm. The fundraiser for Noe Cruz will feature wine tastings, raffles and prizes for various area businesses, complimentary massages by Bassil Kamas (donations accepted), and music!

Noe Cruz, was involved in a life threatening accident on August 5, while vacationing with family in Mexico, where he was thrown off of a horse into a wall and instantly lost consciousness. An MRI scan revealed that he had suffered multiple skull fractures and blood clots in and around his brain. Doctors performed surgery and Noe was admitted into the hospital with a 2-5% chance of survival. Noe remained in a coma and in critical condition for over 2 weeks.

He is showing signs of recovery, has started therapy, and is in need of further surgeries – once he has regained strength. Due to Noe’s fragile condition, in order for him to return to home to Sacramento he will require a fully medical-equipped flight to Sacramento, estimated at $30,000 and not covered by insurance.

“Noe’s family is desperate to bring him back to California in hopes of providing him with the absolute best medical care available to him," said family friend Ray Alcantar. 

In an effort to help raise funds for Noe’s safe return home, the local community has rallied together to donate their resources and host fundraisers throughout Sacramento. 

You are invited to attend a fabulous night of luxury in Sacramento, filled with wine, music, and massage – all proceeds and donations will go to Noe’s family to help fund his medical flight home to Sacramento, where he can receive treatment and continue healing.


Day: Saturday, September 21
Time: from 7pm to 10pm
Place: Splash Night Club, 805 15th Street
Wine donation: $6

“There is no certain way of knowing the length of time Noe’s full recovery will take or any guarantees. Despite this atrocity, his family and friends know the incredible strength that Noe embodies and the will to overcome any obstacle," Alcantar says.
"At this very moment, Noe’s spirit resides within all of us as we anxiously await his return.”

Other Ways to Give:

Car Wash:
Day: Saturday, September 29
Time: from 10am to4 pm
Place: Horizon, 861 Galleria Blvd, Roseville

Donate Directly:
Wells Fargo: 9017466831

Disclosure: Angela Rosas is a family friend of Noe Cruz's.

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