Mountain Lion hopefuls have day in the sun – Photos

Del Oro High School football field was the place to be for Mountain Lions tryouts

Over 120 men braved the heat on Sunday to earn a spot on the Sacramento Mountain Lions football team. Some players drove from out of state to attend the tryouts at the Del Oro High School football field in Loomis.


Players were reminded to “have fun and hydrate!”

Trying out for kicker position.

Staying cool was one of the challenges facing those who came out for a chance to make the team.

As temperatures quickly climbed into the 90′s by noon, the open tryouts were up to full speed on the field.

Time trials in the 40 yard dash.

Some spectators brought their own shade.

Each candidate had two chances to post their best times in the 40 yard dash, then the tryouts split up into specific skill drills.


More photos from the tryouts can be viewed here.

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August 14, 2012 | 9:07 AM

Great action shots, Ron!!! Those guys mean business.

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