Another MLB stadium saga, food fight at the Capitol, mermaids on stage

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FIELD OF DREAMS: With all the talk this week about the potential of building a Major League Baseball stadium at the railyards, a look at another example bears mentioning. According to The Atlantic Cities, the city of Buffalo, N.Y., banked on building an MLB stadium without a team, hoping that an MLB franchise would see the appeal of a new stadium and pull up stakes for a move to Buffalo.

That, however, never materialized, and while the stadium still hosts games, it’s not the big leagues.

FOOD FIGHT: A recent resolution from Assemblyman Roger Dickinson to establish September as “Food Literacy Awareness Month” has some growers and grocers armed with rotten tomatoes over nuances in the resolution language. The resolution was intended to support the state economy by encouraging the purchasing of California-grown produce – but some food industry folks took exception to wording in the document about the nutritional value of organic food and the merits of local eating. A broad spectrum of opposition to the bill has come forward, including tomato growers, bean shippers, citrus growers and the California Farm Bureau Federation. Christina Jewett writes in California Watch that “in a state where half of the nation’s fruit, nuts and vegetables are grown, seemingly uncontroversial statements about food draw intense scrutiny.”

FOUL BALL: Mayor Kevin Johnson’s announcement yesterday that Think Big Sacramento will work on a plan to lure a Major League Baseball team to the area didn’t fly with officials from neighboring West Sacramento, the current home of the Triple-A minor league team, the Sacramento River Cats. CBS Sacramento reports that West Sacramento Mayor Chris Cabaldon said he didn’t know about Johnson’s plans and isn’t too happy about them:



HOT, HOT, HOT: Get out the sunscreen and Slip ‘n Slides, folks – we’re headed into four consecutive days of 100-plus degree weather, according to Weather Underground. Today, Midtown woke up to a 60-degree morning, but the thermometer will hit a high of 108 by late afternoon. The good news is, temperatures will dip down to a cool(er) 93 degrees on Sunday. Yay.



UNDER THE SEA: Tonight is opening night at Music Circus for the stage adaptation of Disney’s “The LIttle Mermaid.” Unsatisfied with her life in the sea, young mermaid Ariel longs to experience the human world above, so she embarks on a fascinating journey to discover her true self. Performances continue through July 22. Tickets range from $30-$70, and special $30 tickets are available in any seating section for kids ages 4-12.

LUNCHTIME GROOVE: Via Hot Lunch Concert Series Facebook page: “Food, including Hot Italian, Wicked ‘wich, and Mama Kim Cooks Catering, fashion, GypsyMobileBoutique, live music by Hot Tar Roofers in Fremont Park today 11:30 a.m. – 1p.m … bring your friends and family, including your dog!”


JUST BECAUSE: A rough sample of newspaper journos on our Facebook page seem to indicate that this is what they are reading this morning

Via the Onion:
Economically Healthy ‘Daily Planet’ Now Most Unrealistic Part Of Superman Universe
"I can totally buy into an epic battle in which Superman claps his hands and creates a sonic boom that sends Darkseid flying through 50 buildings," lifelong reader Richard Taft said. "But as soon as people start lining up at newsstands to read about it in The Daily Planet, I think, ‘Doesn’t anyone have a computer at work? Are there no smartphones?’ Before I know it, I’m suddenly aware I’m reading a fictional comic book, and the spell’s totally broken."  Read more.

Speaking of which…

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July 10, 2012 | 9:59 AM

Mayor Kevin Johnson: Gun Jumper: PART 2
Coming Soon to Theaters Near You!

July 10, 2012 | 3:09 PM

Buffalo never built the major league stadium, only a AAA one that could be expanded. Plus, they are only 45 away from Toronto.

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