Revolution Wines expanding food menu in Midtown

Revolution Wines is stepping up its game when it comes to food, adding Executive Chef Darren Thompson to the staff and rolling out larger portions of food, with an eye to expanding the kitchen within the year.

“Instead of just small plates, we’re going to be doing more entrée-size portions,” Thompson said.

Last week, Thompson introduced several sandwiches, which are the initial phases of the refocus on food.

“Right now, our capabilities are kind of limited,” he said. “We have plans to put in a hood and a stove and that kind of thing. When we get that up and running, we’ll have more entrées.”

Current favorites such as the cheese pairings and bruschetta won’t be going away, but owner Gina Genshlea said she wanted to redesign the menu and add more protein in items that pair well with red wine.

One of the sandwiches debuted last week was a deconstructed French dip, Thompson said.

“It’s a big piece of chuck roasted with herbs and anchovies and oliye oil and sliced real thin,” he said, adding that he served the sandwich on grilled Italian bread and soaked it in a house-made au jus. The sandwich is served with a green salad and capers.

Unlike a traditional French dip, Thompson said, where the diner dips it into au jus, this one comes ready to eat, but is more conducive to being eaten with a fork.

Another open-face sandwich is made with Idaho trout flown in fresh and smoked at Revolution Wines. It includes Meyer lemons, herbs and whipped cream cheese on a baguette and is also served with capers and green salad.

A barbecue brisket smoked for 10 hours will be served on mini ciabatta rolls with coleslaw and house-made barbecue sauce, and Thompson said there will be more options available as he tweaks the menu.

“We’ve been planning to do this,” Genshlea said. “Our chef before moved out of town to be with her boyfriend, and so when we interviewed, as soon as we met Darren, he was our top contender.”

Thompson’s experience includes Sacramento establishments Ella Dining Room & Bar, Selland’s Market-Cafe, Kupros Bistro and Lounge on 20, as well as a sushi restaurant in Auburn. The sushi experience, he said, will allow him to bring in some raw dishes in addition to the sandwiches and cooked entrées.

The sandwiches will be in the $12 range and are designed to be a full lunch, Genshlea said, adding that most of what is on the menu ranges from $4 – $18.

“We do have a small plates menu,” she said. “It’s lots of cheeses, beet salad with goat cheese and bruschetta with triple-cream brie melted with sea salt and local honey.”

Revolution Wines is located at 2831 S St. in Midtown.

Brandon Darnell is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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July 4, 2012 | 7:33 PM

Hi Folks! I love Revolution! Thought this might be a great time to let you know about this chef training!
I would love to see more raw vegan choices on your menu! I can assure you that my friends and I will frequent your establishment more often if these options were offered, and would be more than happy to spread the word! Please read the following, which offers an easy, local training option for your chefs! Thanks so much!
Hello! My name is Christy Harden, and I own and operate the UrbanGreenLiving website: Crowtégé.com. One of the focal areas of my website is raw food; I’ve been primarily raw vegan for the last three years, and have many many friends and contacts who are also raw vegan, and who clamor for information, including local restaurant suggestions! Eating raw vegan is not just cutting edge; it also offers personal health and environmental benefits. This way of eating is becoming increasingly popular, and with only one raw cafe in Sacramento, The Green Boheme, our options often dwindle to salad when dining elsewhere. This is where More Than Just Leaves comes in!

Would you be interested in sending your chef(s) to a local one-evening training course to learn how to prepare a delicious raw vegan entree and dessert that could be added to your menu? I would then direct my internet traffic to your establishment as would Brooke Preston, raw food chef and owner/operator of The Green Boheme. We would additionally send all of our real-live raw vegan friends and contacts to try the new items, and as a permanent feature on our websites, list and link your restaurant as a hip urban eatery with at least one raw food option besides salad! My suggestion is to add the menu item as a special, and then continue to offer it if the response is positive. Believe me, when I know of a location offering a raw option (for example, Magpie offers a raw vegan chocolate mousse that is unbelievable–thank you, Magpie!), I return again and again, as other raw fooders do: we are starving for dining-out options! California is progressive in so many ways, and it’s my belief that Sacramento is ready for more raw food choices! Your business would be a perfect place to implement this option. Expanding your demographic base can only bring in more patrons, more cash, and make so many raw vegans extremely happy to be free of just salad! Oh–and you wouldn’t need to add that stove hood to do it :) Please do let me know what you think!
Thanks so much,

Christy Harden

Guerrilla Green

July 5, 2012 | 10:05 AM

That’s really valuable information, Christy!

Would love to talk with you about writing some article about this topic on the site and will be following up with you later today.

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