Magpie to open new location, The Beat record store may move

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[Update: 1:16 p.m]

Magpie Cafe is opening a new location at 14th at O streets and Owners Janel Inouye and Ed Roehr tell Sac Bee the spot will be an "annex." Details are scant, and the owners are tight-lipped about their plans, but suggested we follow-up in a month. We will.

The Beat record store at 1700 J St. is nearing the end of its lease and may have to move, according to the Business Journal. Nothing has really happened yet in this story, but as the article notes, the downward trend in the music industry may makes it difficult for a store that specializes in used vinyl records to stay at such a prime location. We’re looking for people who have personal memories or stories to tell about the store – if that sounds like you, consider posting or  join the conversation below this article.

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The "Wake-Up Call" : 5 items on the horizon today in Sacramento:

BREAKING… Stockton to take up bankruptcy budget plan.

SAC CITY COUNCIL REDUX: Look for discussion about regulating gun stores, raising ambulance fees, repealing Measure A (the law regulating solid waste pickup in Sacramento), letting residents take their yard waste (read: leaves) to the dump with a coupon and an ordinance to put the kibosh on false burglar alarms at tonight’s City Council meeting. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 913 I Street.

FOOD TRUCK TALKS: City council members Jay Schenirer and Rob Fong have been coordinating talks between food truck operators and restaurant owners about relaxing the city’s food truck regulations, with a potentially important meeting in the works for sometime next month, say all the parties involved.

No definitive progress to report so far – other than the fact that food truck operators and restaurant owners are meeting face-to-face, which is its own form of progress. We’ll publish an interview with Schenirer later today.

FULLY BAKED?: A state assemblyman cancelled a vote on proposed medical marijuana legislation yesterday because the bill isn’t fully cooked. Will more time really mean better legislation? Or, is the legislature fooling itself – and spinning its wheels – by pursuing regulation of a drug the feds have already said they won’t allow? Sac Bee Capitol Alert has the story.

GREASE IS THE WORD: Welcome to Rydell High, 1959. You’re in for some fun with the Greasers, slumber parties, sock hops and plenty of singing and dancing as one of Broadway’s longest running hits comes to Sacramento at the California Musical Theater for a one-week run, Tuesday through July 1. Stay tuned for a Sacramento Press review of opening night.

A GOOD READ: If you ride bikes for long enough in a major city, you will inevitably get one stolen, or at least know someone who has, but you probably won’t ever meet anyone like Jody Rosen, a music critic for Slate magazine who managed to marshal Twitter to recover his stolen bike in New York City via #Crowdsourcing. If you want to pull this off, it helps to have a bike with really distinctive features, like the big fat “white brick” tires on Rosen’s cruiser.

This "wake-up call" list was co-produced by Sacramento Press Staffer Melissa Corker, who is most definitely going to the opening night of Grease.


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