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On Saturday, June 9th the public is invited to to share stories, photographs, food memories, recipes, old family scrapbooks, and more at We Are Where We Eat: A Fresh Look at Sacramento’s Foodscape through the Stories of the People who Grow, Distribute, Serve and Cook Our Food. We Are Where We Eat illuminates the places throughout Sacramento where we produce and consume food, and what they tell us about our towns, region, and culture. Award-winning author and contributing reporter for Capital Public Radio, Elaine Corn, and Project Director, Maryellen Burns, will lead a team that conducts interviews and captures scores of video and audio stories from anyone who would like to participate in the revelation of Sacramento’s unique culinary heritage.

Linking geography to gastronomy, We Are Where We Eat will chronicle the stories of home cooks, shopkeepers, agricultural leaders, food experts, growers, barkeeps, and more. From the immigrants who brought their home kitchens with them at the turn of the century to the restaurateurs who set trends in the Sacramento Valley of today, We Are Where We Eat gives voice to the ways in which where we produce our food affects our feelings about home, community and culture.

The Sacramento Delta is the first of six communities hosting public events throughout the next year and beyond to capture this heritage. The event will also incude interactive maps of the region, a cooking demo, food art projects for kids, and lots more. From favorite family recipes to beloved neighborhood restaurants to current enological achievements, Sacramento-area residents are invited to share the moments, images and narratives that have enriched their lives and contributed to a communal sense of place and pride.

“If you have an ancient Delta recipe, where did you get it and how has it held up over the years? Bring it with you,” encourages, Corn. “Are you involved in agriculture here, and if so, how? Do you have a ‘before-and-after’ story about life in the Delta? Do you remember a funny thing that happened at the Pear Fair? And if you’re from another part of the County, we want your memories, too. Share your history in a one-on-one private 15-minute interview with me and you’ll go home with a disk of your Delta recording.”

After the June 9th premiere, We Are Where We Eat will be replicated in five other libraries throughout Sacramento County. Twelve stories will be chosen from all those captured throughout the project’s journey for potential airing on Capitol Public Radio or at the Sacramento Digital Story Project. The project will culminate in a food time line, culinary map, series of public conversations and a forum entitled “Savor Sacramento: Building a Legacy of Community Through Food.”

We Are Where We Eat is funded through a grant by the California Council for the Humanities. Project partners include the Sacramento Public Library and Capital Public Radio. We Are Where We Eat is also sponsored by the Sacramento River Delta Historical Society, the Sacramento County Historical Society, and the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

We Are Where We Eat premieres at the Walnut Grove Library at 14177 Market Street in Walnut Grove on Saturday June 9th, 2012 from 12:30 to 4:30 pm. Admission is free. For more information contact Project Director Maryellen Burns at or 916-768-6077, or visit, which will feature downloadable video, audio, and images from each community event.