Second Annual Tapas and Tutus

Tapas and Tutus fundraiser

The Sacramento Ballet’s second annual Tapas and Tutus fundraiser was a great mix of music , dance and food. It all took place at the Center at Twenty Three Hundred on Wednesday.

Great food, drinks and a terrific atmosphere helped with the fundraising and auctioning event to benefit the Sacramento Ballet.

The organization is coming to the end of its 57th season and continues to entertain, educate and inspire young and old alike. The Sacramento Ballet continues to bring notoriety to the city as they have become a nationally renowned dance company.

Tapas and Tutus fundraiser

The Sacramento community was invited to participate in raising needed funds that bring the wonderful world of dance to various venues and stages in our area.

Tapas and Tutus brought over 150 dance and art enthusiasts to the event sponsored by long time supporter James Hargrove.

Many of the dancers mixed with the audience as they too celebrated the event. Their enthusiasm also helped during the live auction as their spirit brought higher bids on certain items.

Several tables featured tapas from around the world, wine and desserts. Silent auction items also occupied tables in the back.

Live music entertainment was provided by the Brandon Au Quartet. Their jazzy tunes brought several visitors to the dance floor. The drummer for the band was Vanessa Cruz, who also plays with Cave Women.

Brandon Au Quartet

Auctioneer extraordinaire David Sobon took the stage to offer the evening’s auction items. Each item included their fair market value, and some were marked as “priceless.”

Christopher Brian Nachtrab and Roberto Cisneros entertain audience before live auction

Individuals and businesses provided the items, which included walk-on roles for two adult guests in the party scene of Ron Cunningham’s “The Nutcracker,” donated by Dr. Drosselmeyer and the Stahlbaum family. This item was also the first of several auction items that went to more than one bidder. 

Although the bidding began on a quiet note, Sobon’s humor and personality quickly had guests competing in several bidding wars before a win was secured.

Auctioneer David Sobon

A portion of the auction was set aside for “Fund a Need” items. These items allowed the bidder to choose where donations went. These included sponsoring a dancer, sending a class to “The Nutcracker” or “Romeo and Juliet,” providing financial aid for youth classes and several other similar items.

The evening gave guests the opportunity to mingle with the dancers and special guests. It also allowed the company to see how much the community values their work and performances.

Tapas and Tutus fundraiser

Artistic director Ron Cunningham addressed the audience just before the live auction began, saying, “What did you think of those great dancers? Weren’t they awesome?”

Sacramento Ballet’s Artistic Director Ron Cunningham

Cunningham is the icon of the Sacramento Ballet, and his long tenure has provided many great events during his term as the ballet’s artistic director.

“Next year will be my 25th anniversary as the artistic director of the Sacramento Ballet,” he said. His wife, co-artistic director Carinne Binda, will celebrate her 25th anniversary a year later since he came to Sacramento a year earlier.

Cunningham explained that during his 25th season, there will be much to see.

“The following year will be Carinne’s 25th year, and she says it will be even better that year,” he laughed.

Cunningham announced that “Romeo and Juliet” will be brought to the stage for the first time, and in February they will host a Valentine’s ballet performance of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”

Tapas and Tutus fundraiser

Tapas for Tutus helps Sacramento arts and artists showcase their talents in our area and throughout the world. Sacramento Ballet has been an integral part of our community for 57 years and continues to perform with support from the community. 

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June 1, 2012 | 3:31 PM

That was one of my favorite fundraisers of the year, and I go to a lot of them.
The auctioneer was crazy fun, loved the food and the dancing and all the beautiful people!

June 3, 2012 | 5:48 PM

Nice to hear that…thanks!

June 3, 2012 | 5:48 PM

Pecorelli Productions is honored to produce the Tapas and Tutus event for the Sacramento Ballet.
Each year promises to be bigger and better. Thank you to all the wonderful vendors that donated their time and services. If you would like to be a part of next year’s Tapas and Tutus, please contact the Sac Ballet offices, or me at 916-470-7437.
Natalee Pecorelli

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