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Maloofs Are Not Fooling Anybody

With the City of Sacramento, the Maloof Family and sports and entertainment developer AEG on what looked like a set deal on bringing a brand new sports and entertainment facility, came to tumoltuous end these past couple days.  The aftermath of the whole ordeal has now left us with a shouting match between both the Sacramento City Mayor Kevin Johnson and George Maloof.   Both of the key figures representing their respective parties are accusing one another as the reason this whole deal has faultered.

Let’s break this down piece by piece.

For years and years the Maloof family has constantly spoken how the current area is inadequate and that a new sports and entertainment complex is needed.  The family has also stated in the past that a rennovation of Power Balance Pavillion also formely known as Arco Arena was not an option on the table.  Apparently all of a sudden rennovation seems like an ideal option even after countless statements made that rennovation of the arena would be inadequate.

George Maloof said "Why don’t we look at redoing Power Balance? It just seems more natural. It’s less money. There’s less pressure on everybody.”

All of a sudden Power Balance Pavillion is an option to rennovate even though the family has constantly been against it.  Ok, lets just go with it.

Next the family has always remained firm that they are not looking to relocate the team and how much they truly want to stay in Sacramento.  

George Maloof said, "Our intention is to stay in Sacramento."

When pressed on a commitment on whether the family would file for relocation George Maloof had this to say.

"Ask me in a year, "We’re not even thinking beyond that, and we have no desire to relocate, really, to be honest with you," George Maloof said. "No desire. We feel we have great fans and we want to work something out," said Gavin Malooof.

This does not sound like someone that is truly confident in remaining in Sacramento.

Finally after coming out of the Orlando negotiations with NBA comissioner David Stern and Kevin Johnson reaching an agreement on a new sports and entertainment complex, an upset Gavin Maloof talks to the media breaking down in tears.

"Im glad it’s finally coming to an end after 13 years, it’s been a long road and the NBA David Stern is the best commissioner in sports."

To top all this off during a Feb. 28 game against the Utah Jazz at Power Balance Pavillion an estatic George and Gavin Maloof are hand in hand with Mayor Kevin Johnson in the middle of the court celebrating amongst the fans on what was thought of as bringing a new arena to Sacramento.

Gavin Maloof said, “There’s going to be a beacon of light shining bright in 2015. A brand new arena!"

With statements made from the Maloof family everything seemed set in stone and all we were waiting for were the shovels to hit the dirt and this arena finally being constructed.  Then reality struck and apparently all arena deals are off because the Maloofs seem to have some other prerogative.

After closely watching this whole situation it really makes me question the Maloof family’s intent on whether they want to stay in Sacramento.  Their whole campaign has been a public relations nightmare and all the comments out of the familiy members mouth’s seem to be contradicting previous statements.  

The city of Sacramento has stepped up and held to their end of the bargain during this entire debacle and what have the Maloofs done besides not hold up to their part.  In all seriousness with the comments the family has been making in the media I am beginning to question how competent these individuals really are, unless they have some other prerogative that we have yet to find out.  When reading  between the lines it’s pretty obvious, but who am I to sway someone because all the evidence is in black and white, so you decide who’s to blame.  What I really want to ask the Maloof family is plain and simple and maybe they don’t even know themselves, "what is your prerogative?"


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