Updating: Full arena coverage on The Sacramento Bee and Sactown Royalty and across the web

I’m going to keep this post going as a round-up of developing stories as I follow the arena deal implosion this afternoon. Our expanded coverage is here: http://www.sacramentopress.com/tag/arena

Just a head’s up for everyone – The Sacramento Bee is knocking it out of the park with Area (non) deal coverage today. They have a live chat, a reporter in NYC and an editorial that nails the issue dead-on (the owners need to go).

Also, over at Sactown Royalty, the quick recap is on point. As always, the community there steals the show with amazing commentary. Like this gem from kromeace, "I suggest we show up at the arena (walk not park in their parking lot) and never go into the game. Instead we line up at the ticket windows on game night… ask about all kinds of remaining seats, argue the price, finally agree… then when they need are money… simply say we did not agree to the cost, and as a fan we should not have to pay so much. Next… repeat the process."

David Stern weighed in (Our coverage) (Sactown Royalty coverage). KJ had an interesting press conference as well (Sactown Royalty). Our coverage is here. More details below.

I will be collecting great tweets, links and commentary here:

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April 13, 2012 | 12:56 PM

Great stuff. It’s twittervision. Pass the popcorn.

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