Scotch and sushi at The Urban Hive

Scotch and sushi – The Sexy Pairing II at The Urban Hive

About three dozen guests attended the Clement Charles Events presentation of “Scotch and Sushi – The Sexy Pairing II” on Friday April 6. The event was sponsored and hosted by The Urban Hive to benefit the Sacramento Art History Consortium (SAHC).

Although scotch and sushi sounds like an odd combination it ended being a great and delicious pairing. Guest enjoyed wine and scotch donated by Classic Wines of California.

Music by Clemon Charles further enhanced the sensory experience of the evening. The talented musician provided soothing music for guests to enjoy. The Barbados native provided an acoustic set that included favorite cover songs such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” and "Red Red Wine.”

Scotch and sushi – The Sexy Pairing II at The Urban Hive with Clement Charles and Cary Farley

Veronica Delgado owner of Vera Icon PR and manager of the event mentioned that this was the third of four scotch and sushi events. “Clem (Clement Charles) came up with this pairing. Tonight we’ll also have a representative from Classic Wines demonstrate how to drink scotch. There’s a whole science to drinking scotch you know,” said Delgado.

Delgado continued, “We’ve been having this event on a monthly basis and a portion of tonight’s proceeds will go to SAHC.” The last installment of the scotch and sushi series will take place in May and will be hosted by Creative Vera Studio.

Scotch and sushi – The Sexy Pairing II at The Urban Hive with Veronica Delgado (L)

Delgado has been happy with attendance at each of the events saying, “Attendance has been increasing with new followings. At the first event about 10 people showed up and has doubled each month. The event started as a private event with friends and followers of Clem’s music.”

Several of the guests have businesses in the area and as such have created a community of friends that support each other. Businesses involved included special guest Milton Neshek, General Council and Chairman of Kikkoman Industries.

Scotch and sushi – The Sexy Pairing II at The Urban Hive with Nancy McCoy Neshek and Milton Neshek

Sacramento Art History Consortium was the benefactor of the event. SAHC’s Sara Garzon, Executive Director and Raquel Garcia Del Real, Program Director, were present to share information about their organization. SAHC is a non profit organization in Sacramento that was formed in June 2010.

Garzon indicated SAHC is currently working on a project called “Wear the Attitude” an undertaking that addresses the topic of bullying. Garzon said, “The project addresses the issue of bullying and what effect it has on kids. We’ll be conducting a workshop that addresses the issues at John D. Sloat Elementary School.”

Scotch and sushi – The Sexy Pairing II at The Urban Hive with Sara Garzon

Garzon also said that they’re developing a visual statement that will be placed on t-shirts for the “Wear the Attitude” project. Students at John D. Sloat Elementary contacted SAHC about the issue and both parties are putting a lot of effort into the project that they hope will address one of the biggest issues at the school.

The partnership between SAHC and Sloat Elementary will allow students to address bullying by wearing the “Wear the Attitude” t-shirts. They hope the visual proclamation will create a silent fashion statement reminding students about bullying and its consequences thereby creating awareness and sensibility to the issue.

Jim Ghilardi, Territory Sales Representative, of Classic Wines brought two bottles of scotch for guests to sample. Ghilardi poured the first sample of The Black Grouse scotch into glasses for guests to enjoy. He explained that 12 year old scotch is the youngest scotch and went over the process of what it takes to make it.

Scotch and sushi – The Sexy Pairing II at The Urban Hive with Jim Ghilardi

For those who don’t drink scotch Ghilardi explained some qualities of The Black Grouse as he said, “If you look at the color it’s a little gold. As you smell the drink what you smell is a lot of smoke and peat and those are the flavors you get from your scotch.” Guests commented on the colors, aroma and taste.

Highland Park, the second bottle of scotch was poured for guests to sample. Highland Park was an 18 year old blend of fine scotch whisky. The mature oak appeared smoother but other guests called it “liquid fire” after tasting it. Ghilardi explained Highland Park scotch is made in an area of Scotland where as he put it, “nothing grows and is very windy, it’s a barren windy place.”

For new scotch drinkers Ghilardi suggested pouring the drink into a glass and “let it roll around in your mouth like you do with wine, taste it, breathe it in, breath it through your nose and smell it. You’ll smell a lot of alcohol and a lot of burn. As you drink it can you taste the liquid smoke? Take a piece of your (sushi) rice and watch it enhance the taste of the rice. Scotch is one of the biggest sellers in Japan and it goes very well with sushi.”

Ghilardi’s insight enhanced the experience and most guests enjoyed the drink however the “liquid fire” was too intense for some guests.

Towards the end of the event a raffle was held with door prizes donated by Compliment and Luxe Salon and Spa.

The event was very sensory and gave guests the opportunity to sample various wines, scotch and delicious sushi and share that experience with the company of new and old friends. Live music, food, drink and art capped a delightful evening of sensory awareness.


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