Traveling Bands Is It Is and Sioux City Kid stop at Shine

With the aroma of coffee in the air and couches to lounge upon, Shine, located on 14th and E, offers the community great coffee and a great venue for musicians.

Coffee shops aren’t the norm when it comes to live music, but Shine gives a great alternative to the traditional music venue. There is plenty of space, so enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to music and what it is Shine aims to do.

Bringing touring bands into the shop at least once a week, Shine welcomed indie band Is It Is and rock ‘n’ roll band Sioux City Kid this past Friday.

Opening the night was San Francisco based seven-piece band, Sioux City Kid. The band is composed of lead vocalist Jared Griffin, Dave Odell (guitar), Adam Finkin (bass), Andrew Laubacher (drums), Jake Smolowe (keys), Mike Hirsch (sax) and Jon Liang (trumpet).

Although the evening’s performance included just vocalist Jared Griffin and guitarist Dave Odell, their sound wasn’t jeopardized. From guitar to harmonica to kick drum, both Griffin and Odell stepped up their performance, showing off their musical ability.

Sioux City Kid has extensive mixture of genres in their sound. From blues to rock to jazz, you get everything with this band. Their eclectic sound, paired up with their storytelling lyrics gives music enthusiasts something to look forward to when seeing them perform.

When it comes to Sioux City Kid, what makes them stand out is, hands down, the vocal abilities of Griffin. A gritty and raspy sound, Griffin adds another layer of twang and originality to this talented group of musicians.

Continuing the night of music was Kansas City band, Is It Is. The three-piece band included lead vocalist and guitarist James Capps, Jack Hammack on bass and Justin Brooks on drums.

Speaking with the band members before their performance, it was surprising to find out that they have been a band for just six months. Their sound is polished for just the short time they’ve been together and they have put a lot of effort into getting their sound across the states.

"I put the whole tour together," Capps explained. "I’ve been in a band before, and I have some left over stuff from that. It was mostly sending out the album and a lot of emails."

Along with setting up their two-week tour all on their own, they’ve also recorded and produced their first album, "Hollyhocks," on their own.

Although their performance was cut short because of the music curfew, they were able to play a few songs of their set. Is It Is showed their chemistry on stage as well as their ability to create great melodies.

And if your wondering how this Kansas City band came up with their name, you can give all the credit to Capps.

"I named a song that around the time we started playing," explained Capps. "And I looked at it and thought It’d be a cool name. I liked the symmetry of it."

Disclosure: Be sure to head to Shine's website to see the calendar of upcoming shows.

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