Bill Bellamy brings his ‘Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour’ to Tommy T’s

Comedians Bill Bellamy, Ali Saddiq, and Jay Reid

Bill Bellamy’s “Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour” came to the Sacramento area Thursday evening in a packed house at Tommy T’s Comedy and Dinner Club in Rancho Cordova.

Comedians Ali Saddiq and Jay Reid joined headliner Bellamy for an uproarious evening of comedy that was witty, thought-provoking and genuinely appreciated by the audience.

“How can you not come to see Bill Bellamy when he’s in your area?” attendee Giovanni Rodgers asked.

When the house lights went down, Tommy T’s host Ruben Mora kicked off the evening’s activities with its traditional “dance-off” contest for audience members celebrating a birthday.

Five members of the audience were invited to the stage and boogied until a winner was selected based on audience response.

The lucky winner was awarded free tickets to the upcoming show featuring comedian Aries Spears.

Mora then introduced Ali Siddiq, the host of Ladies Night Out.

Siddiq is an up-and-coming comic force out of Houston, Texas, who has gained recognition and success on the national stage through hard work and honing his skills as a featured performer in local comedy clubs.

He reached the national stage through appearances in various comedy contests, television shows and comedy tours, including Bill Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes?,” BET’s “Comic View” and D.L. Hughley’s “Unapologetic Tour.”

In keeping with the mainstay of the Ladies Night Out tour theme of relationships, much of Siddiq’s humor focused on the differences between men and women. He upended the crowd when discussing the antics of his 3-year-old son.

Saddiq then introduced comedian Jay Reid to the audience as he burst onto the stage dancing and full of energy.

Reid is a comedian based in Las Vegas who rose to prominence after appearing in local and regional comedy venues and competitions that eventually culminated in his winning Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes?” nationally televised comedy competition in 2009.

Reid immediately engaged audience members sitting near the front with interaction and mild teasing that was humorous without being malicious.

The material in Reid’s set ranged from comments about sports and sporting figures, smart phones, family and, of course, the dating game and relationships between the opposite sexes.

Reid’s comedic talents include a gift for sound effects, imitation of celebrities and bringing out the characteristics of the different personalities that are the subjects of his humor through various voices and gestures.

In contrast to many comedians, Reid’s humor includes a strong element of physicality as he works the stage while incorporating the stool and the microphone as props to enhance the comedic effects of his jokes.

“It was a killer crowd full of energy,” Reid said after his set. “Every time I come to Sacramento, they show me a lot of love, and I really appreciate it.”

Saddiq returned to the stage and kept the high level of energy going with a few brief jokes before bringing out Bellamy.

Bellamy is an entertainment industry veteran who is native of Newark, N.J., and is now based in Los Angeles.  He has experienced success since the mid-’90s in television, films and as a stand-up comedian after discovering he had the gift to make people laugh while attending Rutgers University.

Bellamy took the stage and demonstrated his ability to create new material on the spot by gently poking fun at Rancho Cordova and the Sacramento area and warming up the crowd by asking questions.

Hollywood celebrities and their troubles was one of the topics Bellamy delved into during his set. He made provocative comments laced with humor to an enthusiastic audience that was ready to hear an insider’s perspective.

Bellamy was funny yet insightful in his wit as he made observations from everything and everybody from TMZ to Jay-Z.

His light shined bright when he turned to the subjects of dating and relationships, older women and the interactions between men and women under the influence of alcohol.

He demonstrated a wide range of comedic ability, obviously honed over many years of experience, including imitations, performing characters, physical humor and the ability to tell funny stories laced with punch lines and astute observations.

Saddiq returned to the stage and brought back Bellamy and Reid so that the audience could show their appreciation for their evening’s work.

“I’m having a good time here in Sacramento,” Saddiq said. “This is my second time at Tommy T’s and I’m happy to come back.”

Before leaving the stage and bringing up the house lights, Bellamy announced he was holding a birthday celebration at Tommy T’s Saturday night and encouraged everyone to come out and join him after the second show.

“I love the fans out here,” Bellamy said after the show. “They’re very supportive of comedy, and it’s a great comedy town.”

Audience members who lingered after the show to meet the comedians appeared to be in full agreement with Bellamy.

“Jay Reid was funny as hell and Bill Bellamy hasn’t lost his touch,” Rodgers said. “I’d like to come back for the birthday party.”

Lynn Garcia echoed similar sentiments about returning for the birthday party as she hung out with friends snapping photos with Bellamy Reid, and Saddiq.

“The comedians kept it real tonight.,” she said. “I really enjoyed how they mixed in their personal stuff and were able to laugh at themselves.”

Tickets to this weekend’s shows featuring Jay Reid and Bill Bellamy, which runs through Sunday night, are available by contacting

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February 28, 2013 | 9:33 PM

the show on showtime was awsome bill bellamy really brought it home his demostrations while telling his funny stories was like watching a movie he is sooooo talented.

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