Exploring the North Fork Canyon

On my trip home from Grass Valley today, I changed my route. Rather than driving I-80, I hopped on to Hwy 49 that leads to Placerville.
Placerville wasn’t my reason for veering from my normal route.
I’ve known the Foresthill Restoration Project has been underway several months. This famous bridge (the tallest in California) is located about one mile east of Interstate 80 on Foresthill Road, spanning the North Fork Canyon above the American River. The Amgen Bicycle race zoomed across it a couple of years ago.

I enjoy watching how things are built to completion. It amazes me that so many people can make all the pieces fit together to make a functional object. Especially one that spans the North Fork canyon, some 730+ feet above the river.
Perhaps I’m a construction groupie. I took a zillion shots as the Crocker Art Museum’s addition grew to join the original building.
As I drove along Hwy 49 I wished I had a driver. There weren’t many safe pull-off areas and if I tried to shoot while driving it wouldn’t have been a pretty ending.
The photos above are segments of the 862.9 feet long bridge.
The one below is a panorama I created by taking about 6 pictures, moving my camera after each shot. Then I "magically" merged them in my computer. Unfortunately it doesn’t portray the scope of the bridge.

Traffic on the surface is limited to one lane.

Click here here for a link to a great photo gallery taken by the construction crew.

On the rest of my mini-road trip I found some scenes saying "Shoot me."

These are from a brief stop in Coloma.




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March 29, 2012 | 8:37 AM

Good set! Thanks for sharing Kati. I too enjoy the process and journey almost as much as the finished product or destination.

April 3, 2012 | 7:45 PM

Nice shots! I rode my scooter down Hwy 49 after some hiking near Lake Clementine yesterday. Beautiful country. The view from Foresthill Bridge was impressive, though the construction on the structure dampened the mood a bit.

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