The Kings beat up on the Celtics 120-95

KG was in the house. He finished with 10pts and 9 Rebounds.


Paul Pierce squeezes by Dante Greene.


Dante Slaps the ball away from Pierce.

No mistake this time, Paul Pierce jams it home and finishes with 19pts.

Cousins held his nerve mostly with Garnett trying to get in his head the whole game. He finished with 20pts and 7 rebounds.

Jason Thompson fouled going up for the dunk. Great game for JT was 9 of 11 shooting, 21pts and 15 rebounds.

Gavin Maloof enjoying this one as he watches Marcus Thornton drain his 5th 3 pointer in the second half!!

Who can stop Marcus Thornton? Ray Allen can’t!!

Ray Allen “still” can’t stop Marcus Thornton. Marcus finished with 36pts and 5 Steals.

Isaiah Thomas outplayed Rajon Rondo with 13pts and 10 assists.

Rondo, Allen and KG can only sit and watch the Kings totally outplay them.

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March 19, 2012 | 10:54 AM

Great shot of Gavin! It was a great night that made me proud to be a Kings fan!

March 19, 2012 | 1:11 PM

Thanx Casey….yes it was a great night…more to follow I hope :-)

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