Lewis Black In Sac

Lewis Black had high expectations for the 21st Century. They have not come anywhere close to being met, and he is not amused.

He is, however, quite amusing.

Although he claims to be disappointed by the direction the world is taking, he also admits to being swept up in the inevitable pull of progress. He started a web site; every performer needs a web site. But then he found out he needed a Facebook page to promote his web site!

It all came to a head when one morning he woke up after a drunk and discovered he was now on Twitter!

All this, he laments, and not a single flying car.

Not what he had hoped for at all.

The Community Center Theater was respectably full on Saturday night when first John Bowman and then headliner Lewis Black took the stage.

Bowman did about 45 minutes, focused mainly on the travails of touring: lesbians in New Hampshire, being bored in Biloxi, and perils of pooping on the tour bus.

Black took the stage at nine, revved up and ready to rant.

His signature finger shaking singled out the shame of the 21st Century, the onset of adult ADD due to a surplus of electronic technology, and his confusion over why anyone would want to “keep up with the Kardashians.”

The last 30 minutes of the 80-minute set were devoted to politics.

Black scolded audience members for being members of the Republican Party—or the Democratic Party. He blamed them for supporting anything that was happening in Washington. He assured all of the Republicans that President Obama is not a Socialist, because, he, Lewis Black, is a Socialist, and he would know. He said there are too few of them to take over the country and most of their leaders are in cemeteries, so not to worry.

There were times he looked as if he was having a seizure.

Clearly, he was in his element.

At the opening of the show, Black cautioned the audience that, “Humor is not the best medicine; medicine is the best medicine,” and advised not to howl through an illness, but to see a real doctor!

I certainly wouldn’t argue with that that.

On the other hand, I think everyone in the audience felt a lot better after the show than they did before the show.

There’s something to be said for humor done well.

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January 16, 2012 | 1:05 PM

Drat! I wish I would have taken up a friend’s offer of free tickets instead of opting to watch the Broncos get demolished by the Patriots. Serves me right for not having my priorities straight this weekend. Thanks for the re-cap, though, Elaine!

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