A look at the local band Deer Park Avenue

Sarah and Stephanie Snyder are in a local band that takes on the world every day through travel and music. Deer Park Avenue has been described by many as being on all sides of the rock spectrum, from power pop to alternative to punk. One consistent word of description for this duo is “melodic.”

Starting with piano at the age of three, the Snyder sisters grew up playing music on various instruments. Deer Park Avenue itself only began two years ago, when their friend Gregg Bissonette suggested they record a few songs with his brother, Matt Bissonette. Now, Matt Bissonette functions as their producer and plays bass when the two record. Sarah Snyder plays guitar and lead vocals, while Stephanie Snyder plays drums and backup vocals.

Deer Park Avenue has 10 songs available online, but these aren’t the first 10 songs they’ve written.

“(That’s) how many songs we’ve written for the public,” Sarah Snyder said, “and there’s how many songs we’ve written total. We’ve written dozens of dozens more songs than anyone will hear.”

They Snyder sisters like to meet up with fans after a live performance. They’ve had dozens of gigs in the Sacramento area last year.

“Sacramento really supports its local artists,” Sarah Snyder said. “It’s a great musical family.”

The Snyder sisters often record in one of the many studios in Roseville, where they meet up with other local bands and friends after working on a song.

While they’re close to Sacramento, they don’t stay for long. They’ve grown up with travel in their lives just as they’ve grown up with music. This past year, they’ve lived “out of a suitcase,” traveling mainly in Europe. Stephanie Snyder said she sees travel as an important source of inspiration for their music.

“As you travel and change with people,” Stephanie Snyder said, “your music changes also.”

“You meet other people and see different cultures,” Sarah Snyder said, “and you learn to understand other people.”

The people they meet and know are a constant muse for the two. Sarah Snyder said that their latest extended play (EP), or mini-album, called “Stop & Go,” has songs about “growing up, relationships, lies people tell themselves to stay in relationships and the fear of being alone.” All of this is drawn from life experiences and from the people they share their lives with.

Their first EP, “City Streets,” won awards, including the Indie Top 100 Friend Vote for the song “Rescue Me.” “Over Again” won the Heineken Ultimate Playlist competition with ReverbNation.

This year, Deer Park Avenue is up for Best Rock and Best Alternative in the All Indie Music Awards. The Snyder sisters said they find all of this to be a huge honor, and thank their growing fan base in Sacramento and on the Internet for their success.

The Snyder sisters said they look forward to traveling more this year and plan to put together a music video at some point. You can purchase their music online and learn more about them at deerparkave.com.  

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