Posted by Jib916

Good Morning Michelle.
I had a question regarding how you plan on handling the occupiers/campers camping in front of best buy and other big box retail stores for black Friday.

If Sacramento has a no tent policy, isn’t it only fair that these peoples camping equipment shall be confiscated, just like the protesters? After all the law is the law.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Justin Buell

Dear Justin,

The “no tent” policy you are speaking about refers to occupying a camping space on city/county property. When people camp in front of stores in anticipation for stores to open or to get prime tickets at a box office, they are occupying space on private property. We typically don’t enforce the city ordinance on private property unless the business owners have an issue with individuals causing a specific problem. We will enforce the law if the store owners have a “no loitering” sign posted.

There are other issues that go along with the camping ordinances. Sometimes, people bring their children out to camp out. If the conditions are such that it is posing an unsafe environment for a child, officers can enforce the 273 code of the California Penal Code which is basically the code referring to child endangerment. I mean, have you seen the news footage where some people are nearly trampling each other to get inside the store when it opens?

I know that some of the stores are only allowing an allotted number of people in every 15 seconds to alleviate this problem. Thank you for your concern.

Officer Michelle