Arrest made in viral video assault case

Rasaan Zawadi

Sacramento Police Department press release:

The Sacramento Police Department arrested 21-year-old Rasaan Zawadi for the unprovoked attack on a female that was captured on video and believed to have been posted by the suspects.

On October 12, 2011, the Sacramento Police Department was made aware of a video of an assault on a female that had gone viral on the Internet. We received calls from throughout the country inquiring about the investigation. Detectives assigned to the case discovered that patrol officers had responded to an assault call on October 1, 2011, at approximately 12:11 p.m., near Center Parkway and Mack Road. The officers arrived finding that the suspects had fled the scene and the victim, a 42-year-old female, did not wish for prosecution at that time.

Based on the newly discovered video evidence of the assault, detectives continued to pursue the identity of the involved suspects. After officers saw the video image of the suspects and with crime tips that came in from the public, detectives were able to identify one of the suspects seen in the video hitting the victim. The suspect was identified as 21-year-old Rasaan Zawadi (first suspect to hit the victim). Detectives working with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office obtained an arrest warrant for Zawadi and were preparing to look for him, when a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy stopped him near German Drive and French Road this morning on an unrelated incident.

The Sacramento Police Department arrested Zawadi for assault with a gang enhancement. Detectives believe that the assault was gang related. Detectives are continuing their investigation into the second suspect involved in the assault.

The Sacramento Police Department urges anyone with information pertaining to this crime to contact Crime Alert at (916) 443-HELP (4357) or text in a tip to 274637 (CRIMES). Enter SACTIP followed by the tip information. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

  • What a punk.

  • Isaac Gonzalez

    The Sacramento Press rarely if ever has stories about crime, and “SacramentoPress Staff” has only written one other story about crime ever out of all of their stories. Just wondering, why does this story warrant an article in this forum? Just curious.

    • Davi Rodrigues

      Maybe nobody has felt compelled to write about crime here before.

    • Colleen Belcher

      Hi, Isaac.

      Thanks for your question. You’re right, the SacramentoPress Staff account does not normally post crime-related stories. Usually, the Sacramento Police Department PIO posts these stories under that account. However, today the PIO was not able to post this story, so that is why we put the release out under the staff byline.

      Each day, the amount of content from the community fluctuates, and often it helps to have releases posted from the city and PIOs to provide new content for the next day’s layout.

    • Isaac Gonzalez

      Andy was out today, Laura Peck didn’t respond to my emails, and Norn was back on the tv despite the fact that he is not the pio anymore. Makes sense.

      I thought maybe it was because the crime was rebroadcast on the Internet and this is an Internet-based forum

    • Because it’s egregious?

  • Davi Rodrigues

    The accused here, is still working his way through several prior cases that have upcoming hearing dates. It also looks like he’s becoming a chip off the old’ block, since his father appears to have as many priors as Jr.
    Sad, but he loses any sympathy when he attacks a nealy defenseless woman for no apparent reason.

  • Rhonda Erwin

    First and foremost my heart and prayers are extended to the victim of this senseless crime.

    I no this area very well. My son was jumped on in front of that store. An 18yr old I loved with all my heart was shot and killed in that parking lot in front of that store. I recall standing there crying trying to comfort his friends paralyzed in pain as the ambulance took him to the hospital and he died in route. A man, a father of 5 was shot and killed at the convenience store in that complex, a youth was shot in head in front of that store another was shot and killed in broad daylight directly across the street (when their was a police substation in the apartment complex) Another youth was shot and killed right across the street from that store, another was car jacked around the corner from the store, another was car jacked and later shot in the parking lot at that store….

    If I am not mistaken when surveillance camera from homeland security were granted to surveillance the area that spot was chosen. If I am not mistaken cameras are on the corner facing the direction where the woman was assaulted. If I am not mistaken their is suppose to be a mobile unit in the area so when these crimes are caught on camera patrols units are to respond immediately to the area. Why? then did a press release have to go out? Why weren’t the suspects immediately apprehended?

    • Rhonda Erwin

      The supposedly one good thing about the cameras in the area- which some felt overshadowed civil rights- was that it would lead to immediate arrests. It might be helpful and / or avoid assaults of innocent women, youth… if folks knew the cameras were there. Are the homeland security funded cameras suppose to be a deterrent?? We wouldn’t have to see the faces of youth splattered across the news and media sites, more youth wouldn’t identify themselves as suspects, criminals…. more people wouldn’t begin to see the youth as suspects, criminals… If the cameras were a deterrent.

      But it seems to me we don’t really need the surveillance cameras from homeland security 1) It appears the youth are not aware they are being filmed and 2) the ignorance of the youth they will post themselves on youtube and we can get surveillance that way. Seems homeland security could and should use their money for positive ventures such as providing jobs and resources into communities of high crime verses feeding the pockets of fat cat high tech surveillance companies since this occurred while the cameras are in the area and the suspects were not apprehended during the assault but from TV and media releases. Which by the way is how SPD got it’s impressive 92% (or higher) arrest rate; the community is not as silent as the propaganda sent out and it is the community turning in suspects for Law enforcement to arrest.

  • Rhonda Erwin

    I am glad the arrest were made. I hope more will see this behavior will not be tolerated, they will see people do care when folks are assaulted since far too often many are assaulted and little attention is given. I’ve learned youth post fights assaults on the internet taken with camera phones but sadly youth on youth violence is often overlooked and it takes an assault of a middle age adult by a youth to get the attention of many. It is this pick and chose who will be seen as a victim attitude which might have given some ignorant youth the impression this ignorant behavior will be overlooked. I feel terrible that this woman was assaulted but the good thing that could come from it is the attention/ arrest from it might prevent another person from being assaulted in that same manner.