Summerfest 2011: Fashion & Film Frenzy

Stop the Press. No, really do not throw that newspaper away!  Recycle. It is the raw material for the fashion challenge!

Ten fashion design teams press, paste, and staple newspaper into a dress. Besides the dress, they need to deliver a complete look, so the teams adorned the models with accessories, hair, make up, and jewelry to match.

Paper dolls strike a pose and walk the runway at The Crest theater. The lively premier of The Sac Bee Fashion Challenge is a recent addition in this year’s festival. fashionista and film buffs alike, collide like origami samurai figures on Wednesday night.

With plenty of beautiful people in the audience, the applause in the spotlight signaled that the spectators were impressed with the designs.

Patience awaits the victor — or better yet, a $1,000 prize in style products, equivalent to a wish come true, when a thousand paper cranes are “made” as in the Japanese tradition.

The designers who completed the Sac Bee newspaper fashion projects are Diana Santibanez, Edward John Radanovich III, Jennifer N. Nodora, Jesus Medrano, John Thao, Lacey Taylor, Melina Carrie, Natassja Price, Rachel Goldmark, and Samantha Rachele.

After the runway show, a documentary titled Non Alien by Jimmy T. Murakami, 78, a Japanese American animator from San Jose, CA enlightened us with his film on the plight of the Japanese Americans held in the Tule Lake internment camps during World War II.

Cecille Mouette Downs, co-founder and director of the Sacramento French Film Festival, and awardee of the SF&MF’s 2011 Film Arts Service Award was a judge in the fashion face off. Though we probed for a favorite, she was quiet on her preference. She did not want to spoil the surprise for the one fashion designer who will be crowned victorious prior to Saturday’s screening of Hollywood to Dollywood by twin brothers Gary and Larry Lane. Sunday’s feature likewise, prior to the revealing of the winner of the 10 X 10 film challenge is Fordson: Faith, Fasting, and Football directed by Rashid Ghazi.

Mixing fashion, documentary feature films, and 10 X 10 film making challenge in a weekend is unconventional. It is indicative of the diversity of creative talent available to us in Sacramento! Organizers packed three entire days with a feast of the arts. The competition aspect is a twist in the game of creativity.

Really anyone who attempts an entry is a winner. As Jacob Schantz, 29, a 10 x 10 film challenge entrant and graduate of Art Institute of California put it, “As for winning, it doesn’t really concern me, though I am not above putting it in a resume or a poster. If I was only concerned about winning, my work would lose the edge I try to achieve. I would rather they laughed at my jokes.”

As such, the films and team leaders due to debut their 10 X 10 film on the big screen on Sunday are : Pull A Trigg A Team lead: Richard Ryan; Black Magic Team lead: Stephen Halpin; Dilly Dalling Around – Team lead: Amir Haeri;  Bad Toy – Team lead: Dwight Taylor; 11:38 – Team lead: Jeffrey Vanacor;  Daniel’s Last Day on Earth – Team lead: John Blake; Two to Tango – Team lead: Lucinda Chrisman; Yeller – Team lead: Donovan Albright; Missing April – Team lead: Justin Buettner; The Sign Guy – Team lead: Tobin Halsey; Check – Team lead: Cathi Beekstrand; Hyper Blue – Team lead: Miles Matsuoka; Herstory – Team lead: K. D. Beebe; Watered Down – Team lead: Jacob Schantz; French Fried – Team lead: David Chernyavsky;  The Last Supper -Team lead: Noah Damiani; Obstinate Orange – Team lead: David Hoyt Lawlor; Hostage – Team lead: Amresh Gosai; Jubilee – Team lead: Gina Lobosco; Envy – Team lead: Don Carlos Sanders; A Thousand Words – Team lead: Stephanie Hyden *; Transfer – Team lead: Josh Mihal *; and The Return of Blake – Team lead: Justin Crose.

Noah Damiani and Jeremy Gray, 15 working till the last few minutes on their 10 X 10 film project at Vchi Studio.

As local artists wait and fret over their Picasso, the fluid transition of fashion to filmmaking, to frolicking between the mermaids at Dive Bar across the way from The Crest after the festivities lead to a philosophy – Pursue your passion and persevere, that is all there is to it.

Please support local artists and find out the winners of the competition nightly by heading over to The Crest this weekend.

Stop the press. Stop the press. The newspaper dresses caress.

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