Extra funds for R Street improvement project

The R Street improvements currently under construction from 10th to 13th streets are getting a few more amenities, as construction left extra funds in an approximately $1 million

$1.5 million
federal grant allocated to the project.

The City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to approve 13 more pedestrian benches, 13 banners affixed to streetlights and a decorative arch that spans R Street at 10th Street and a pedestrian arch over the sidewalk on 12th Street and R Street, to be constructed by Teichert Construction, the main contractor for the project.

“This will be the icing on the cake to R street and will make the area more pedestrian-friendly,” Sacramento Department of Transportation spokeswoman Linda Tucker said.

The R Street improvement project  will add uniformity to the area that currently lacks consistent curbs, and it will also add parking spaces and street lights as well as restore the area’s mixed-use industrial, business and residential buildings.

Adding the new benches, banners and archways was an extension of federal funds already dedicated to the project.

“We got the go-ahead from Caltrans to make use of federal funds already budgeted for the project,” Tucker said.

According to Department of Transportation Project Manager Zuhair Amawi, a lot of thought went into the improvements.

“The selection of the concepts and design of the items in the change order was the result of many months of R Street stakeholder meetings organized by CADA (Capitol Development Area Authority) and approved by the City Preservation Commission,” Amawi said.

The project had a 36-week construction timeline and is still on-target for a summer finish.

Ground was broken last September.

“We can expect an opening event to celebrate R Street’s new look sometime this summer,” Tucker said.

Editorial Note: A correction has been made to this story after it was published. The incorrect information has been struck out and the correct information has been added.

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May 19, 2011 | 9:16 AM

Happy to see some good construction management keeping the project on schedue and even some reserve money leftover for some bonus work.

It is still amazing though that federal money would be involved in such an incredibly local/regional project as this.

May 19, 2011 | 11:25 AM

I believe the original funding for the project is part of a federal earmark. I’m not clear as to whether the 1.5 million is a new grant, or money in the earmark that wasn’t used yet and is now being freed up to add these “icing on the cake” improvements.

Can someone clear that up?

May 19, 2011 | 11:48 AM

The $1.5 million in the story is a reference to that earmark you mentioned. The money for these improvements is not a new grant, but funds already allotted to the project.

May 19, 2011 | 9:37 PM

The project recieved a SACOG Community Design Grant in 2008 for $4.6 Million. The SACOG was comprised of roughly $4.1Million of Federal funds The federal money was TEA21 funding meant for streetscape enhancements. After the low bid submitted by Teichert construction, the project had roughly $1.5 Million left over that would have been returned to SACOG/Feds if not used. The CIty, CADA, and the Community quickly came up with additional improvements for the project. The project will still return almost $1.0 Million in unused Grant funds. The Federal Earmark from 2005 was used for a different segment of the project.

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