AMERICAN MUSCLE at CA Auto Museum Photos

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"American Muscle celebrates Detroit’s 1960s glory days of speed, sound, and style, when lightweight, mid-sized cars with big engines tore up American roads. The exhibit captures the colorful history of the muscle car, from its origins (whether you believe that was in 1964, 1955, or even 1938) to its sudden demise in the economy-conscious 1970s," a museum spokesperson stated.

The exhibit runs through July 9, 2011.

Yesterday’s opening of the show was in the parking lot featuring competition for categories such as best paint job, loudest engine and best of show. There was food (BBQ), vendors, a kids’ area, music by 96.9 The Eagle, mobile detailing, free giveaways and a Show N’ Shine.

Here’s some of the cars on display.

Nate Hickok receives a congratulatory handshake for winning loudest engine with his 1969 Mustang Mach 1.

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The California Auto Museum is located at 2200 Front Street, Sacramento, California 95818 • (916) 442-6802

Photos | Kati Garner,

( is official photographer for California Auto Museum)

  • Ron Nabity

    Kati – great shots, as usual! I REALLY like the red-finned 57 Chevy shot – nice!

  • Fred Jennings

    Great job Kati

  • Brandon Darnell

    Nice shots, Kati. I’ll definitely have to check out the exhibit.

  • Maverick

    Kati’s my idol… I admit it. 😉 I don’t think many folks realize the skill that goes into some of these shots. We were talking about Kati’s shot of the back of the skulled mirror (above) in our CAMPhoto Club group last night. Just so you’re aware of what it takes to create a shot like that, here is part of the discussion in the forum: “Kati selected aperture priority mode for this shot and cranked that aperture open to f/6.3. Her ISO was at 250 and that forced a shutter speed of 1/2500 or 0.004s. What dramatized that was her use of her 300mm long lens and as you notice in this photo it yielded a very shallow and specific depth of field. Everything in the foreground and background is very soft, but her subject, the skulled back of the mirror, was sharp and clear”. That is what makes Kati a true Maverick.