New Sacramento Community Resource Directory.

Each day there are hundreds of individuals and families living without basic human needs, such as food and shelter right in our own Sacramento County. Using Sacramento Community Family Resources website statics which received over 97,000 page views since January 1st 2011 there were over:

• 1,728 Unique page views from words such as “homeless shelters in Sacramento”.
• 2,945 Unique page views from words such as “food closet locations in Sacramento”.

The list can go on and on, but the most important thing to know is that each of these numbers is an individual or family that is in immediate need of food or shelter.
The question is “do we really need research and statistics to tell us that the economy is bad?” No we don’t. We can all see for ourselves when we drive to work or the store that families in our community are in distress. At that time, you will see someone pushing their over filled shopping cart, standing on the corner holding up a torn paper sign, or on raining days you can see people huddled with their belongings under a roof top. All of the people you see in this type of situation are important, many are moms and dads of children that look up to them.

Solutions are not always easy, even with knowing that over a thousand people looked for emergency shelter this year, then who will use this research or data to open a shelter? Probably no one. And the sad part is that they who need help the most are not always in the “statistics”. No matter what research or statics show, the bottom line is that solutions always take money and time – the two things we seem to have very little of.

So, this article hasn’t said anything you did not already seen for yourself…right. Now what do “I” do to help? Well, the first thing would be to volunteer. Even a little bit of your time makes a huge difference to someone even if it is to just let them know you care. A good place to start with volunteering is

The next thing to do is find out what help is available in our community. I would begin with Sacramento Community Family Resources at There I can find updated information from all of the emergency shelters and food closets where I can even download it all to print. Okay now let’s pass that information on to they who need help since it is now easy and free to help others. In fact, two years ago I wanted to help our community so much that I created and published Sacramento’s one and only Sacramento Community Resource Directory! Now Sacramento has a directory of thousands of community and faith-based services. So, we have now identified a huge underserved population in our community and came up with an effective solution to help the families! Yeaaa! “I” hope everyone else will do the same and by all means please post a reply if you have a "better idea", suggestion or even a valuable resource we should know about!

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