Sacramento Cat Hospital Hosts 2nd Annual Pet Food Drive to Help Hungry Cats and Dogs

On Saturday, November 13, the Sacramento Cat Hospital is hosting its second annual pet food drive, benefiting Loaves & Fishes and Titanic's Pantry (the Sacramento Pet Food Bank). All donations of cat and dog food, canned or dry, will make a difference for a hungry animal.

Pet food drive hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Sacramento Cat Hospital, 4115 Manzanita Avenue in Carmichael.

"Providing enough pet food to meet the need is an ongoing challenge for shelters, charitable organizations, and animal rescue groups," said Dr. Billie Bensen Martin, owner of the Sacramento Cat Hospital. "This large-scale pet food drive is an effective way for our community to help animals in need all over the city."

During last year's drive, more than 8000 pounds of pet food was collected. "It was wonderful to see the generosity of our community at last year’s pet food drive," said Dr. Martin. "We’re hoping to collect even more pet food this year. The economic climate means that the demand is greater than ever. So many people in our city are faced with the difficult choice of feeding themselves, or feeding their pets."

Around the country, healthy animals are being surrendered because their owners can no longer afford to feed them. Two organizations in our community are working to feed hungry pets and keep them out of our city's overflowing shelters.

The kennel at Loaves & Fishes houses and feeds the pets of their guests while the guests are eating in the dining room or participating in other services. Pet food is also distributed to those who have pets at home.

The Sacramento Pet Food Bank was launched in November 2009 in response to the increase in pets surrendered to shelters due to the inability of their owners to afford to feed them. The goal of the program is to keep people and their pets together by having a constant supply of dog and cat food available to those in need. The food bank is a partnership between the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services, Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation, the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary.

For more information about the pet food drive, contact the Sacramento Cat Hospital at (916) 488-4161 or email

Disclosure: Laurie Rich is a consultant and organizer to charitable events at the Sacramento Cat Hospital.

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