Life In The Fast Lane with Scott Pruett

Sacramento, CA | Life In The Fast Lane was California Automobile Museum’s (CAM) annual fund raising event.

This year, Scott Pruett was the guest of honor and speaker. Below is a brief photo essay of that event. Keep an eye out for our full article and more photos coming early this week.

This Corvette was just one of several guest appearnce vehicles for
the Life In The Fast Lane evening event.



Guests enjoyed a delicious spread.

Attendees wait in buffet line just before the live auction.


CAM supporters pose for portraits with Maverick Photographer Karl Vostrez.

Supporters enjoyed a spirited live auction.


Scott Pruett waits backstage in a million dollar Ferarri that brought
him out to the stage.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our interview with Scott Pruett, many more photos of the event and some incredible cars.

CAM Photo powered by MaverickPhotography (Maverick photographers: Karl Vostrez, JR Bottoms, Kati Garner, Rusty Kleine, Ed Fogle)


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