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I’m not an artist, but very appreciative of various kinds of art. As such, I have read that, in general, art is made with the intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions. In the arts, “media (plural of medium) are the materials and techniques used by an artist to produce a work.”

It is up to the creativity and imagination of the artist to select from a wide variety of media the material(s) and technique(s) to use when creating a work of art. There is an extremely wide variety of such materials and techniques that an artist is able to use when producing a work of art.

Kansas teenagers who created the art shown in the photos below tapped highly unusual materials available free in their rural community. The basic material was straw left over from harvesting wheat. They used various arrangements of that straw which included loose straw, straw compacted in round, large rectangular/and or smaller bales, some coloring products and discarded bits or pieces of probably “junk” or litter to bring each creation to life.

With that background, I challenge Sacramento artists to use their imaginations to gather whatever materials that they may find discarded, lying around at home or in the streets to use whatever techniques they may choose to mold such materials into a work of art. Perhaps, the finished works can be preserved and displayed at various locations in Midtown or Downtown on the Mall.

Hints: I have seen photos in other cities of discarded tires carved into animal figures, chicken wire molded into bird or animal forms with vines planted at the base and pruned as they grow to fill out the wire forms, bush or small tree topiary trees, litter arranged into figures, machines, etc.

While there are art galleries whose owners are very serious about promoting art, I believe that the Second Saturday “art walk” hoopla has morphed into just an excuse for partying and getting drunk in MIdtown. I doubt that any one of those self-proclaimed "artists" is able to top the Kansas high school kids’ creations shown below. Further, I don’t think those that call themselves "artists" here have the creativity and skills to replicate or create new forms of anything unique related to art.  Anyone willing to take the challenge to prove me wrong?


Straw Castles on the prairie

Straw Fort in the wheat field


Happy face


Straw Monster

Family Time

Straw Henge

Yikes!  A raid!  We give up!


You name it.

A bearded happy face


Little Miss Muffet’s Spider

Papa Straw, Mama Straw and Baby Straw

To the Moon in a Straw Space Ship

A Straw Maze

Straw bale ferris wheel

Straw Boss

"Bringing in the Sheaves" 

Straw Windmill

Straw hangover

Frosty, the straw man