Voters support medical pot tax

Sacramento voters are likely to approve a tax on local medical marijuana dispensaries. With 331 of 355 precincts reporting, the “yes” side had 71 percent of the vote. The “no” side had 28 percent of the vote.

With voter approval of Measure C, medical marijuana dispensaries could pay business taxes as high as four percent of their gross receipts per year.

However, the City Council has the authority to set a tax rate on medical marijuana businesses that is lower than 4 percent of yearly gross receipts.

Photos by Brandon Darnell.

Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press.

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November 3, 2010 | 4:44 PM

Did anyone hear the interview this morning on NPR? The reporter asked one of the Prop. 19 supporters if she had voted. She replied, in between her stoner-like giggling, that she had not voted because (giggle-giggle) she was in school (giggle-giggle) and her dog (giggle-giggle) was, like, sick or something (giggle-giggle) and I just didn’t have time, ya know? (giggle-giggle….). Priceless. Now we know why Prop. 19 didn’t pass…all of the supporters we too stoned to vote!

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