County Animal Shelter Launches “Support Our Shelter” Effort

Effective November 1, the County Animal Shelter is launching the “Support Our Shelter” fundraising effort to continue to raise donations that will enable sustained operations. The focus of this ongoing campaign will be to continue to look to the community to help support the 15,000 animals that come through our shelter every year by donating to the shelter, licensing their pet, or adopting an animal.

“The S.O.S Save Our Shelter campaign has made a tremendous difference in the lives of animals in our communities, and I want to personally thank everyone who has donated their time, effort and funds to help make sure we find permanent homes for our resident animals and continue to investigate cases of animal cruelty and neglect,” said Carl Simpson, County Animal Interim Shelter Director. “By implementing the updated “S.O.S Support Our Shelter” campaign, we hope to continue to reach out to the community and encourage them to support our shelter operations while we investigate and implement long-term and region-wide animal care solutions and partnerships.”

In April 2010, Animal Care staff and volunteers launched the S.O.S Save Our Shelter campaign to raise general awareness of the shelter budget situation that resulted in a reduction in shelter operational hours, reduced a significant number of personnel, and increased the dependence on a dedicated team of volunteers to help maintain shelter operations.

Since S.O.S was launched, the Animal Shelter raised over $92,000 through community events, donations, and various fundraisers, including a first annual summer “Flea Market” and the “Whiskers and Wine” fundraiser in September. Local businesses and groups have been instrumental in donating time, funds, equipment and their talents to the fundraising efforts.

Funds raised have helped restore an animal control officer position to help the shelter continue to investigate animal cruelty and neglect. Additional funds will also be used for a variety of critical items including vaccinations, food and special medical needs for the animals.

The County Animal Shelter is located at 3839 Bradshaw Road. For more information about S.O.S Save Our Shelter, pet licensing, kennel and habitat room sponsorship, and how you can get involved, call 916-368-7387 or visit

Disclosure: Annie Parker is Communication and Media Officer with the Sacramento County Municipal Services Agency.

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