An official with a union representing 1,600 full-time city workers said that the union and the city government have found a way to avoid lay offs.
Joan Bryant, director of public employees for Stationary Engineers Local 39, told the Sacramento Press that city managers and her union found common ground on contract negotiations Friday afternoon.

Local 39 and the city worked out a tentative two-year agreement, Bryant said. She said the agreement would include no pay cuts. The contract also includes 11 furlough days for the 2010/2011 fiscal year, she said. In the 2011/2012 fiscal year, there would be 12 furlough days.

The tentative contract also would give each employee 40 hours of personal leave time each year of the 2-year period, Bryant said.
Local 39 is guaranteed no layoffs for 2010/2011, she said, with one exception. If the City Council determines there is a fiscal emergency in the Utilities Department, the guarantee is off.

City officials and union representatives are announcing the agreement at a 4 p.m. press conference.

Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press.