“From the Crack House to the White House”


“10 years ago I was high on crack cocaine, now I’m high on life.”, these are the words from Sacramento native, Bishop Ron Allen, a former crack cocaine addict for seven years, and now one of the must prominent leaders in the country on the war on drugs.


Allen united with law enforcement agencies from all over the world, who assembled themselves in the nation’s capitol last week to share data and strategies to help fight the escalating war on drugs in this country.  The event was hosted by HIDTA (The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program) an organization under the executive order of the White House.


Allen was there with the I.F.B.C. (International Faith Based Coalition), an organization in which he is the founder and director of.  The coalition focuses on drug prevention within the faith based community. The organization’s ideology is that people are more likely to receive an anti-drug message from their place of worship, rather than a message brought to them sporadically elsewhere by strangers.  Allen, along with other members of his coalition were honored with the HIDTA Award for superior performance.


For more information on the I.F.B.C movement, call 916-807-1210.


(This story was originally written in April of  2010)


By Ray Johnson/Npaphoto.com



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August 3, 2010 | 10:24 AM

Glad to see Mr. Allen is off crack…good for you. If you need religion to get you off crack, great for you as well. I take issue with him because of his comparison of HIS struggles and lack of will power with society as a whole.

I read him in the Bee coming out against pot legalization because of what it did to HIM….just him. WE ARE NOT YOU. Please don’t short change Sacramento and California by saying that when we legalize pot we will all become crack addicts too. Smoking crack has not ebven remotely crossed my mind when i smoke….not once.

August 15, 2010 | 11:40 AM

People who want to smoke pot just don’t get it. For every 9 of you who feel you aren’t owned by the drug, one person is lost. I’m not ok with that. Which one of your friends or kids are you willing to sacrifice? The no harm line is BS.

August 15, 2010 | 8:46 PM

It is amazing see the level of deception, denial and confusion surrounding the issue of pot legalization. Here we have decades of drug history, medical statistics, and cause and effects of this drug on generations of people in general and teens in specific, yet those who advocate the legalization choose to ignore the documentation of the damage for the pursuit of synthetic pleasure. We have gone through the same cycle of discovery, delight, damage, disease, denial and distortion with marijuana as we have with every other drug employed for recreational purposes. First the drug is discovered, then the people delight in the synthetic pleasure it brings. Then the damage is discovered a generation later, followed by the disease of addiction on some level or another. People deny its true impact in order to continue pursuing the pleasure, and the facts are distorted in defense of the continuation on some level. We have seen this cycle with any number of drugs in any number of countries: Khat, hashish, cocaine, heroin, crack, marijuana, alcohol, meth… some kill slowly, others do their damage more subtlely. We are forever diminishing our quality of life for the sake of synthetic pleasure in a cloud of chemical pleasure. How truly sad.

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