Car cruise and show takes over downtown

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Sacramento, CA   The CAM Car Cruise and Show snaked through the streets and captivated downtown Sacramento Saturday evening.

Saturday evening, car enthusiats from all over Californina gathered at the California Automomobile Muesuem (CAM) to stage for a downtown cruise and auto show that would cover several streets.

If you were downtown Saturday evening after 5 P.M., you may have seen the very long line of vintage, classic and modern cars that snaked through the streets of downtown, from CAM all the way up to 28th and J. Streets were closed from J over to L, beginning at 22nd and over to 25th. Bands of different genres were playing on each street as folks enjoyed the wide variety of cars on display. "Purgatory" played on 22nd Street, "Mere Mortals" played on the main stage in the K/L alley off of 23rd, "The Resurrection Men" played on 24th Street, "Red Rover" was on K between 24th and 25th and "Road Test" was at 25th and L.

Swing Dancers from "Midtown Stomp" were strutt’en their stuff in the main stage area in the K/L alley, Folsom Cheer Elite were doing their routines and human pyramids in several locations and the all new Mountain Lions Dance Squad was on location.

KCRA3’s Walt Gray was on hand to emcee and announce the many awards that were given.

This was the second cruise and show event that CAM has hosted downtown and both have been a raving success. The event is simply a feast for the eyes to any automobile enthusiast. With cars ranging from pre World War II era to present day the event was a menagerie of automotive splendor.

CAM hosts and sponsors many events throughout the year. One specifiecally coming up is the Vettes for Vets car show, co-hosted by "Just For Corvettes" car club, which will take place November 7th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the parking lot next to CAM. CAM also hosts weddings, corperate events and more at the museum.

More photos can be seen of the event in the Maverick Galleries>> provided the on site event photography services. Seven Mavericks covered the event from every angle with still photography and video coverage.

Editor’s Note: Folsom Cheer Elite was not present at the CAM Car Cruise.

  • Ahsan Awan

    Ah, thanks! got it. I will make sure that the bands and others inquiring are directed to the link in case they miss it upon first read as well.

  • Ahsan Awan

    Folsom Cheer Elite was not at the event. They were having their own closed tryouts in Folsom the next day and declined an invitation to participate. Sacramento’s Midtown Girls Cheer was the group you saw performing.

    You say this:
    “Swing Dancers from “Midtown Stomp” were strutt’en their stuff in the main stage area in the K/L alley”

    I question the accuracy of this. It has been reported elsewhere that Midtown Stomp did not send their swing dancers to this event, and thus there would be no way you saw this. Impossible.

    Furthermore, did your 7 photographers only capture 13 publication-worthy images? Where are the shots of the 7 bands, the numerous vendor booths, and the people in the streets?

    You fail to mention performances by one of Sacramento’s most popular bands, “Radio Active,” and by the well-known reggae band “O Street.”

    • Casey Kirk

      If you click the link that Ed included for the other galleries, you can see that they actually took hundreds of photos.

      Also, we’ve added an editor’s note in to the story to clarify that Folsom Cheer Elite was not present. I spoke with the owner of Midtown Stomp and he said that it is likely some of their dancers were present as they have hundreds of dancers that take classes on a regular basis. The article did not say that the Midtown Stompers, the actual team, was performing.

      Thanks for keeping an eye out.

    • Maverick

      Ahsan, thanks for the clarification on Folsom Cheer, we were misinformed on that. Though you missed them (I know it’s hard to be everywhere at once, that’s why we use teamwork), there were some delegates from the swing dancers group.

      In the future, may I suggest you give our trade a little more professional courtesy and message me directly with your issues… that’s what professionals tend to do.

  • Maverick

    Since the posting of the article, I able to spend some time talking with some folks and learned there really is a big deal in distinguishing between Midtown and Downtown. So, for clarification, while this event cruised through downtown, it was a Midtown event.


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