The Underground World of CPS

It is amazing to me all the road blocks that Sacramento County CPS puts up to make it nearly impossible for a parent to assert their rights and fight for what is rightfully theirs–their children.  In the past four years I have seen, heard, and experienced things that would ignite fear and furor in Americans…if only they knew about it.  However, these actions of which I speak are closely guarded under the cloak of confidentiality that hides Juvenile Dependency Court and involuntary child custody proceedings from the public.  At first guess, you assume that this so-called “confidentiality” is in place to protect the children in these cases.  However, it doesn’t take long for a person to realize the protection is not for the children but rather the protection of CPS and their corrupt policies and actions.

 The actions of CPS thrive in a underground world where warrant-less search of a home and seizure of a child is common practice.  A world where due process rights violations occur on a daily basis.  A world where a child can be removed from the home, detained, and placed into protective custody simply because there is a potential for abuse.  Even if there is no history of abuse, sign of abuse, a witness to the abuse, or admittance of abuse.  Within this hidden system the parent’s and the children’s rights are concealed and when a parent finally realizes their rights it’s too late and their child is gone forever.  This well run factory shuffles families in and out daily in robotic fashion without real care or concern for children, parents, or extended family members. 

Court-appointed attorneys argue cases with the judge, come to an agreement, call in the parties involved (children, parents, others that have the ability to intervene such as a Native American Tribe), and then call the case.  Parents are forced to make split-second decisions without informed consent and sometimes the court-appointed attorneys will make decisions and motions without the parents’ knowledge.  These court-appointed attorneys will out-right refuse their clients requests and/or motions.  This is clearly ineffective assistance of counsel which should afford you the right to a Marsden hearing.  However,  that right is usually denied too.  If a Marsden hearing is actually had, the judge can choose NOT to release your attorney, NOT appoint you another attorney, and can even choose NOT to allow you to represent yourself if you so choose.  In essence your stuck with an attorney that refuses to represent you in your best interest.

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July 21, 2010 | 9:37 AM

I do agree that confidentiality is a subject that is often in itself abused. In my opinion, CPS will continue to uphold confidentiality to the fullest extent as long as the public blames CPS for the death of abused children. I suggest that citizens vote to enact the death penalty for parents who abused their children to death, that is where the blame and accountability should be placed.

July 22, 2010 | 6:11 PM

Thank you for exposing this organized crime racket. CPS is a tax payer fueled, criminal enterprise that operates in the secret “family” court system apart from public scrutiny under the cloak and fog of “confidentiality” which protects its agents and collateral vendors from the crimes they commit under color of law. Children are 11 times more likely to be abused in State custody than in their own homes and 7 times more likely to DIE as a result of abuse while in the foster care system. (John Walsh Show April 16, 2003)
Carmen Middleton BSN, RN
Child “Protective” Services Destroyed My Family

July 23, 2010 | 11:57 AM

This is akin to saying auto accidents are 10 times more likely to occur on a public road than in a driveway.
There is a problem with the CPS system, but your argument loses credibility when you city these types of spinning figures. I have met many parents who have lost their children to the foster care system, and the one thing 100% of them have in common: the state stole their kids for no good reason.
PS: Everyone in prison got framed. Wanna buy a watch?

October 19, 2011 | 7:54 AM

I totally agree with this article. I am a grandmother who too late(maybe) has discovered how underhanded the system is. To date my daughters court appointed atty has listened to zero.has done zero. While in this case it is true that probably the bio Dad of the youngest child did abuse the baby. The oldest child always resided with me. Why? Because 4 months before the kids were taken(and a week before the baby was born) I had concerns. CPS decided it was unfounded. At that point I removed my oldest grandson from that home. He had only been there 1 night. 1 night too many. I did allow my grandson to go to visit Mom once for 2 hours and he observed something no 3 year old should see. My daughter called me immediately and I was at the apartment and had called police within 5 minutes.. I knew my daughter was not safe. I knew it while she was still a minor and called police 4 to 6 times a week since the overage boyfriend would not go away. Had him jailed twice. Reported him to probation etc. No ONE did anything. The system is set up in such a way that yyyyyes legally the Judge has to ask if any relative would like to speak. First time I addressed the Court the Judge said make it fast it’s lunch time. From that point I knew no one was listening. Child advocates are supposed to be for the kids best interest in yet they will not talk to me. The social workers that oversee visits even realize the oldest child has no business in Foster care. No One listens.. I am fighting against the clock for an attorney. Economy sucks and I just finally found a job. I am willing to pay an atty every dime I earn for representation. By the time I get a pay check tho I only have 6 weeks. I keep praying an attorney that will fight will appear and either do ProBono to start representation now and be willing to trust that my oldest is so important to me that the entire fee will really be paid off in due time. ASAP

Avatar of alp
October 24, 2012 | 10:16 AM

It’s true, CPS puts up all kinds of road block to fight for your child. CPS main purpose is to reunite families. I find this hard to believe. I am a grandmother my daughter has is going through all cps demand. Now they want her to divorce her husband in order to get her children back. I think that is locust, cps refuse to give me my grandchild and has my granddaughter up for adoption 4/2013. I’m looking for a lawyer to help me fight cps. My granddaughter was born with a roar syndrome and could day at anytime. CPS as infringed on her right to die at home with family.

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