The Ghost of Wyatt Earp in Sacramento?

In the spirit of the Wild, Wild West.  Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe did this photoshop of The Demon Warrior alongside Jonah Hex.  Jonah Hex will be in movie theaters soon.  See the debut trailer here:

I got an unusual email from a lady named Yoon Sook Lee. This is her email:

"Hi Paul, my name is Yoon Sook Lee. I live in downtown Sacramento. I enjoy your ghost stories and I have a question for you. I have looked at pictures of Wyatt Earp on the Internet and I truly think I saw the ghost of Wyatt Earp walking around the area of 26 and J. Do you have any idea if Wyatt ever lived or visited Sacramento? The ghost that I saw had a distinct mustache, black cowboy hat and black trenchcoat. I thought he looked very unusual and I couldn’t get my eyes off of him. He seemed so out of place. People walking along the sidewalk close to him acted as if they did not see him, but yet I can see him from 200 yards away. What really blew me away is that he walked into a tree and simply vanished!

I recognized his face and the first thing I thought of was…"Wyatt Earp". I started looking at his pictures and I really believe it was him. My girlfriend thinks I saw Black Bart. Note: Black Bart is Charles Earl Bolles. I looked at a photo of Black Bart and I don’t think it was him. So, can you please tell me…was Wyatt Earp ever in Sacramento?? Looking forward to your answer."

Paul’s answer:
Wow! If you saw Wyatt Earp, lucky you! Wyatt is one of my Wild West heroes! I almost feel bonded with Wyatt, when I visited the OK Corral in Tombstone. As for Wyatt actually residing in Sacramento, there is a story that he stayed with a woman for a couple of days in Sacramento, a woman he was fond of. This woman supposingly lived in downtown Sacramento somewhere. As for the ghost being Black Bart, I seriously doubt it. There is no record indicating Black Bart ever came to Sacramento. There is record of Black Bart in the following counties: Butte, Shasta, Mendocino, Sonoma, Yuba, Siskiyou and Plumas. No record of Sacramento County.

If you encounter this ghost again, please give me the exact location, date and time, so I can do a proper investigation. The ghost that you saw does not particularly have to be Wyatt Earp, it can be a ghost that looks similar to the legend. Of course again, it could have been Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter..LOL!
Thank you for your interesting story!

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June 10, 2010 | 2:48 PM

Wyatt Earp’s half brother Newton Jasper Earp, died in Sacramento and is buried at East Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. Newton’s son Virgil Edwin Earp (named after Newton’s half brother and Wyatt’s full brother Virgil) is buried at the Old City Cemetery in Sacramento on Broadway along side his wife. So, there would be reason for Wyatt Earp to have spent some time in Sacramento, and perhaps it was his ghost haunting J street. How exciting if it was!

I hope this information helps.

(Also, the people at Old City Cemetery claim that the Virgil Earp buried there is the famous Virgil Earp from the OK Corral incident, but it is really just his nephew of the same name, honest mistake)

-Andrea Lopez

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