Crocker Artist Andreas Nottebohm- The King of Metal Art

If Elvis Presley is the King of rock, and Michael Jackson the King of pop, then Andreas Nottebohm would have to be "hands down" the King of metal art. There are many artists using metal today, but Andreas’ art has more than set the standard. He has raised the bar to the point that very few, if any who come after him, will ever achieve his success.

In the category of art known as "cutting edge," Nottebohm’s creations are not only cutting edge, but also over the top and out if this world so much, that NASA has commissioned him to do various projects.

Knowing that all that glitters is not gold, Andreas can put a Midas touch on aluminum that can be compared to precious metals, and quite often his aluminum becomes more valuable than gold.  Once seen, it’s hard not to be seduced by these luminous surfaces that interact with the viewer and engaging ones mind and emotions.    

I became acquainted with the work of world-renowned artist Nottebohm through Lori, my 2007 Match date in San Francisco. Lori, also a metal artist, was eager to show me a painting by the man who inspired her style of art which was on display at a fine art gallery in the city. That was over three years ago.

Ever since then I have enjoyed going to the Crocker Art Museum’s contemporary art section just to gaze at Nottebohm’s jagged edged, oval shaped, three dimensional, aluminum spectacle. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a large shiny piece that messes with the mind, gives orgasms to the eyes and echoes in the drums of your ears. Its brilliance in the light is a natural draw to those who venture anywhere near it. His art comes alive with movement, different lighting and even other colors that get in close proximity.

I was told that the museum had to relocate this piece several times to more open areas in order to accomodate the large crowds that would form in front of it.  My hope is that the Crocker Art Museum will invite Andreas Nottebohm and more of his mesmerizing art for a one man show.

When I learned that Andreas and his wife, Tess, were residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, I inquired if it would be possible for Lori and myself to visit the Black Hole Studio where Andreas sculpts his art. I received an e-mail from Tess stating that we would be welcome.

Arriving at their home/studio in Marin County, we were warmly greeted by Tess and Andreas, who showed us around and offered us tea. They had moved into this house only nine years ago, but by the way it was so incredibly arranged and decorated, it was hard to believe they could have created that work of art in such a short period of time.

Many of Andreas and Tess’ friends are art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world, who send them items to add to their collection of dolls, vintage cameras and typewriters, animal skulls, masks and many other items that fit well into their eclectic decor. From what I could see, people from just about anywhere on Earth could walk into their house and find something that would remind them of their home country.

Their backyard is like a lush tropical park with enough palm trees to make any Hawaiian feel at home. The huge deck overlooking their palm tree paradise is large enough to entertain many friends, which they do quite often.

They say that behind every good man is a good woman, and I have to say that Tess lives up to that cliché. Tess is an artist as well and can be seen in a photo in front of one of her creations.

Tess has not only created paintings and art installations, she has also written a book entitled “Sultry Days of Blood and Angels.” It’s a fictional story entwining the present with captivating characters in 1800′s New Orleans. I went to Amazon to get information about this book and found rave reviews by those who have read it. One reader wrote:

       "I’m still swooning. Sultry Days of Blood and Angels held

        me tightly in its grip, seducing me with its smoky magic.

       I was incapable of putting this book down, even when the

       clock read 2:30 in the morning, then 4:00…"   KD

I highly recommend going to Amazon to read the reviews for yourself. 

I had the opportunity to visit "19 Broadway," a night cub in the quaint Marin County town of Fairfax. This club was hosting an artist reception for Andreas, where some of his family, friends and fans came together to party. There I met a woman named Kristen, a friend of Andreas and Tess.  Kristen was a great party partner because she made a point of introducing me to many of the Nottebohm’s friends.

Since I started writing this article I have run into other people who know Andreas and Tess, and I kept hearing about these fantastic parties they love to put on.  In fact, everyone I met asked me if I had been at their last Halloween party. It was clearly one I wished I hadn’t missed. I have a feeling that the artist reception was a small version of the parties the couple host in their home. 

Upon his entrance at 19 Broadway Club, Andreas was immediately surrounded by friends and fans. Shortly thereafter, I noticed a woman with long pinkish blond hair. Looking carefully at her pretty face, I realized that it was Tess in her party attire, which was an absolutely stunning look and perfect for this event. She was surrounded by her girlfriends throughout the evening.

I was so glad I went to this event because it gave me an opportunity to interview others for this article and to find everyone who knows the Nottebohm’s seems to absolutely adore them.

The night–a Michael-Angelo Production–was filled with the music of Head Band (funk) with Gail Muldron, Moana Diamond, Mixmaster: DJ Kashia (Anon Salon) and, of course, what’s a party without a contortionist by the name of Tara Quinn. The evening was enchanting and exciting, especially since many Nottebohm works were on display with a video presentation and light show.

There is much to learn, enjoy and write about this artist. The photos that accompany this article are from mine and Lori’s visit to the Nottebohm home and a couple of pieces of his art. I would love to show all of his art here on SacPress but because he has created thousands of pieces in his lifetime, it would be impossible so I highly recommend a trip to the Crocker Art Museum to see this stunning artwork for yourself, and venture onto Andreas’ website at

The Crocker Art Museum is located on 3rd Street in Sacramento between O and P Streets. If you visit the museum between 10am and 1pm on Sundays, admission is free.

My warmest thanks to Andreas and Tess Nottebohm for giving me the opportunity to share a piece of their art world and home with Sacramento Press readers.

Source of pictures: Personal photographs and the Nottebohm website. 


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May 22, 2010 | 8:17 PM

I have known Tess and Andreas for almost 10 years since my husband first introduced my to Andreas’ artwork and then when Andreas and Tess came to stay at our home. It was love at first sight. These are two of the warmest humans I have ever met. We own many pieces of Andreas’ work and I love to stand in front and sway back and forth to catch the movement in each piece. Their home is absolutely amazing! Not one bare space on any wall or ceiling. There is so much stuff but it blends in such a way that the chaos creates beauty. They are two very talented people and I am grateful to have them in our life. Denise Weiss

May 22, 2010 | 10:11 PM

Exquisite work…

November 8, 2010 | 6:29 PM

For the “Today” artists, I can say that Andreas Nottebohm and his wife Tess are a big influence on my feelings about art. They both in their own way do express themselves as well as being a married couple as warm as their home represents. I have been amazed for the last 5 years watching them grow in many directions. Whenever I visit their home, I feel at home. When I look at the art Andreas creates and recreates my reflection of the art piece I saw before becomes even more exciting. I have had the pleasure of reading Tess’s book, Sultry Nights of Blood and Angels, I can feel her expression as well. I am proud to have such wonderful friends as Andereas and Tess Nottebohm in my life.

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