Why I Donate Blood

My mom has donated blood since she was 16 and has now donated over 20 gallons over her lifetime. I started giving blood at school blood drives when I was 16 but never really understood why my mom had such a passion for it.

Two years ago my dad had a heart attack and needed bypass surgery. It was a horrible surprise for my whole family because my dad eats healthy and exercises regularly. It seems there is only so much you can do to fight your family genes. He received a pint blood during the surgery and that is when I realized why it is so important to give blood regularly. My dad needed blood and without the people like my mom that donate every eight weeks, my dad may not have gotten the blood he needed. While waiting in the hospital I looked around and realized that there were many other families waiting for loved ones to get out of surgery. Every day people enter the emergency room and have life saving surgeries. It may not be my family member but it is someone’s family. BloodSource supplies hospitals all over Northern California with blood, which get used every day. This makes its slogan very real, “Yes, you do save lives.”

BloodSource works hard to make it convenient to donate by doing mobile blood drives and calling and reminding you when you are eligible. It takes an hour of your time and can help an entire family and community. Part of doing community service is the joy you feel when you know you have made a difference in someone’s life and I know every time I donate that I am saving lives. That is why I encourage everyone to at least try to donate. If you cannot donate, you can always bring a friend.

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May 1, 2010 | 11:45 AM

BloodSource is a first rate organization. I myself was hospitalized for surgery late last year. While I did not receive any blood during my emergency procedure, it would have never crossed my mind that it may not be available. This is because of the diligence of the folks at BloodSource. They collect blood all throughout the Central Valley and supply units and plasma not only to area residents, but to other major cities that have shortages, and to troops overseas. For about an hour of your time you really can save 3 lives. Thank you for your story Emily.

May 3, 2010 | 9:38 AM

Thanks for this story! I am going to donate at lunch today!

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