Interview with Paul Dale Roberts, Sacramento Esoteric Detective by Carissa Yamanishi

Photo is Paul Dale Roberts with some of his admiring fans.

Question: How and why did you get into the industry of ghost hunting?

Answer: When I was a little kid, I thought I lived in a haunted house on Effy Street in Fresno, California. When I grew older, I wanted answers. I wanted to know if that house was truly haunted or was I having childhood nightmares. I started reading books by Brad Steiger and became well-versed in the paranormal. Later, I was dating a ghost hunter named Julie English and she invited me to an HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International) – event at the National Hotel. She said…"Paul, since you are so well-versed in the paranormal, perhaps you should write an article about this ghost hunt." The reason why she told me this, is because I was also a freelance journalist. I met the President of HPI named Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe and asked her if I could write an article. She grabbed my arm and said.."I love the press", before I knew it I became HPI’s ghostwriter, paranormal investigator, core member. I am now the General Manager of HPI, I am a journalist for the Sacramento Press, Haunted Times Magazine, Chatter Brew Online Magazine and All Destiny Magazine. I opened the doors for all types of paranormal investigations, from UFOs to Bigfoot to Ghosts. I have been on 300 paranormal investigations and have written over 300 paranormal articles.

Question: Since you are from Sacramento, what places in Sacramento have you investigated?

Answer: Probably over a hundred places, most are private residences. Many homes in the Pocket Area are haunted, because the newer homes over there have been built over a Portegeuse cemetery. Many places in Old Sacramento such as the Fulton Underground, Evangelines, Delta King, Old Schoolyard, Firehouse, California Railroad Museum, Fanny Anns, Vegas, etc. The Martinez House on 22nd and H Street, Governor’s Mansion, Paradise Beach and a zillion other places. My best case in Sacramento is where I interviewed three witnesses that made claim that they saw the Mothman on top of the Tower Bridge. This generated enough news in which History Channel’s Monster Quest came to Sacramento to film a Mothman segment.

Question: Are you in touch with any other TV producers right now?

Answer: Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe is in touch with the SyFy Channel in regard to a new paranormal TV series.

Question: What kind of training is involved in becoming a Fortean Investigator?

Answer: First off, you need someone to train you. Since I am familiar with various aspects of the paranormal, I do the training. Bigfoot, the collection of hair samples, skat, searching out for footprints, using Plaster of Paris for the impressions of footprints, using evidence bags, wood on wood communication. Bigfoot is known to hit wood on wood to communicate, etc. UFOs – laserlights and high powered flashlights for intelligent communication and responses, binocular and telescope use. When to take pictures. Cameras, telescopic lens. The use of psychics for communication to UFO occupants, etc. Ghost hunting, the use of FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red), EMF Readers, digital audio recorders, digital cameras, temperature gauges, etc. Well, I think you get the picture….

Question: What do you do in an investigation? Do you work in a group or alone?

Answer: 1 Group. I break up the group usually into 3 teams and place the teams into 3 different sections of the building or home. The investigation will last for 45 minutes and then we have an evidence briefing. We will show the occupants the evidence we gathered in 45 minutes. We will have 3 investigative sessions for 45 minutes each. Each one will have an evidence briefing.

Question: What do you think about ghost hunter shows, do you think they are real or phony?

Answer: To be honest I do not watch: Ghosthunters, Ghosthunter Academy, Ghosthunter International, Paranormal State, Paranormal Cops, Ghost Lab, Ghost Adventures, etc. Since I do this kind of work, the shows bore me to tears. I do watch Sy Fy Channel’s Destination Truth, History Channel’s UFO Hunters, Mystery Quest, Monster Quest, Tru TV Conspiracy Theory, Discovery Channel’s A Haunting. I am interested in paranormal shows that deal with other things than ghosts. I am a monster hunter, UFOlogist, but don’t practice the trade that much.

Question: Do you believe that people have to be born with the ability to see ghosts or can anyone see them?

Answer: I believe it is a gift that is given to you at birth. Most people have the ability up to the age of 8 and lose it. Others keep the gift.

Question: What paranormal experience affected your personal life?

Answer:  I wil never forget when my black Chow T-Rex was coughing and wanted outside.  I thought he had an upset stomach.  He went into the garage and sat in one place and would not move.  I told him if he was not better in the morning, I would take him to the vet.  In the middle of the night he cried out real loud.  I went to the garage and petted him and he stopped crying.  The next morning, I went outside and he was in the same place and as stiff as a board.  There was a HUGE puddle of saliva near his face. I cried instantly, my dog companion of 16 years was gone.  The very next day my Jack Russell Terrier was at the foot of the bed crying looking for T-Rex and a strong lingering odor resonated in the bedroom, it smelled like T-Rex.  The smell lasted for a good 10 minutes.  I believe T-Rex said his final goodbye living when he yelped in the garage and said his final goodbye as a spirit when his odor came upon my bedroom.  I will never forget that.  I loved that dog!   When my mother Rosita Causing (Rosemarie Roberts) was in the Hospice at Kaiser Hospital, I was with her during her dying moments.  I told my mother I had to run to the store and I would be right back.  When I returned her bed was empty.  I thought I had the wrong room.  I asked the nurse where my mother was and the nurse said she passed away.  I said…"what?  I was gone only for a couple of hours!  The bed is like she never even laid in it?"  I was overwhelmed with grief.  The next day, my father was cleaning the shower and saw the spirit of my mother walk down the hallway from the bathroom door, I think she was checking on a few things before going into the light.  The day after that, I heard her favorite song on my car radio ‘Say a Little Breath for Me by Dionne Warwick’.  This song never played before on my car radio…why now?  I think it was a way for my mother to communicate with me..of course, when I heard the song, I cried like a baby again. 

Question: Have you had ghost investigations in San Luis Obispo, California? Do you know of any investigators working in that area?

Answer: I just investigated the Chupacabra on the Channel Islands: San Miguel Island & Santa Cruz Island with HPI Paranormal Investigator Christina George. Afterwards we interviewed people in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Ysidro. Haven’t done San Luis Obispo yet, but here is the funny thing, one of our investigators Carrina Hanson used to run an HPI Branch Office in San Luis Obispo. For some reason or another, things didn’t work out and the Branch Office is now closed. Thank you for the interview!
Thank you for your time,

Carissa Yamanishi

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I’d love to hear more about 22 and H. Someone did a nice job dolling it up to at least LOOK haunted.

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