CIA Director tells Cap-to-Cap delegates: Cyber attack could be next “Pearl Harbor”

WASHINGTON D.C.—Central Intelligence Agency director Leon Panetta told 300 Sacramento Metro Chamber Cap-to-Cap delegates that the next “Pearl Harbor” is likely to be an attack on the United States’ power, financial, military and other Internet systems.

Panetta addressed the Sacramento delegation that includes 43 elected officials and hundreds of business and civic leaders who are in Washington D.C. for the annual program that advocates for the region’s most pressing policy issues. He spoke on Monday, April 19, during the Cap-to-Cap opening breakfast.

“Cyber terrorism” is a new area of concern for the CIA, Panetta said. The United States faces thousands of cyber attacks daily on its Internet networks. The attacks are originating in Russia, China, Iran and from even hackers.

“The next Pearl Harbor is likely to be a cyber attacking going after our grid…and that can literally cripple this country,” Panetta said. “This is a whole new area of threat.”

But cyber terrorism is just one of four primary missions for Panetta, who took over directing the CIA last year after appointment by President Obama. The CIA is also focusing on counter-terrorism, reducing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and fighting narcotics trafficking.

Al Qaeda is becoming a viscous target, and as CIA and military operations tamp it down in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, the terrorist elements are moving to places like Somalia, Yemen and North Africa—as well changing its tactics, he said.

“The president’s direction…is we must dismantle and destroy Al Qaeda and its known elements,” he said. “It’s a fundamental mission….The primary effort takes place in Pakistan and tribal areas. We are now focused on Afghanistan and have increased our presence there.”

Meanwhile, CIA is working to help Iraqis fight Al Qaeda. “Even as our military draws down in Iraq, we’ll keep our presence there…to provide intelligence to the Iraqis so they can secure their own country.”

Worrisome, he added, is how Al Qaeda is “coming at us in other ways.” These include using individuals who have clean records and are not being tracked; individuals who are already in the U.S.A. and in contact with Al Qaeda; and individuals who decided to “self-radicalize” and are easily and quickly recruited as terrorists.


Previously, Panetta served as a congressional representative from the Monterey area, rising to the House Budget committee chair, and then latter as President Clinton’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

“I’ve spent most of my life on budget issues,” he said, noting the “work we did eventually produced a balanced budget for the country.” When he’s asked why he took on the job at the CIA, he told the group, “Because considering the size of the federal deficit, I’d rather fight Al Qaeda.”

Photo: Leon Panetta addresses 300 Cap-to-Cap delegates Monday in Washington D.C. Photo by Rudy Meyers

  • Laura Good

    We knew all along that Chloe was the real secret weapon against terrorism. Forget about Jack Bauer!

    • As for Chloe , she is now acting district director of CTU due the previous director’s resigning.
      She out performed a know it all NSA official at getting CTU back in operation after an
      attempted sabotage.
      We still need Bauer for muscle.

  • If there is a major cyber attack that shuts down America and the world; the new world order antichrist beast system will be the ones who have orchestrated it and done it to kill the internet and make it their tool of control. As all the websites will be under strict government control. That way; they will not allow us to communicate the Truth with each other!! For they know that everyday; about 700 people are waking up to this truth; that 911 was done by the leaders of our wicked and antichrist beast system government within America!! For the President and Vice President and Secretary of State and our Secretary of Defence and many many others; including the leadership of the FBI and other intelligent agencies had to be in on it to have wars and to push us toward their antichrist ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Where the International Bankers/Bilderbergers/Illuminati and Freemasonry devils will rule the whole world and enslave it.

  • So it seems, these “warnings about terrorists” are really warnings of what the CIA WILL DO as they PRETEND to be terrorists. If so, I guess Sacramento really ought to pay attention to what’s going on, maybe to get the CIA to not blow up Sacramento.

  • So it seems, these “warnings about terrorists” are really warnings of what the CIA WILL DO as they PRETEND to be terrorists. If so, I guess Sacramento really ought to pay attention to what’s going on, maybe to get the CIA to not blow up Sacramento.

  • The puppeteers are on record as saying they “. . . wish they’d never given the public access to the ‘Net.”

    I bet. They found out how expensive and cumbersome and uncertain trying to counter truth and the outing of their schemes, scams, and cons with trolls, hacks, disinformation, and extra propaganda really is.

    What to do?

    Senators Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) introduced Senate Bill S.773 (The Cybersecurity Act of 2009) in April of 2009.

    This bill would give the office of any sitting president the power to disconnect “critical” computer networks from the Internet if he/she/their handlers believe there is a “. . .risk of a cyberattack.”
    It languished until Copenhagen, after which S.773 was dusted off and is being floated in 2010.
    If S.773 passes, a sitting president can order a shutdown of all Americans’ access to the Internet. But that’s not all. Even outside of periods of a White House-declared “cyberemergency,” this bill mandates that private-sector networks only be managed by “. . .government-licensed cybersecurity professionals.”

    There is no one in the government with enough brains to do what Google, Gates, and Jobs have done.

    This “cyber emergency bill” is nothing more than a Trojan Horse that will be used in an attempt to control the ‘Net.

    Watch for Wizards of Oz attempt to do this. It will be another false flag event blamed on bogeymen like “terrorism” or “national security” or a “cyber attack.”

    They’ve already started prepping the public’s mind with a series of “hints” like the information in this article.

    Like they did with the “pandemic” that wasn’t.

    And “global warming.”

    The ‘Net’s free exchange of information—which is what these criminals fear because it keeps exposing them—will be the “unavoidable collateral damage” when Oz makes his move.

    America’s MSM in all this? They sold their souls to the Marionettes—the same financial crooks who are controlling Congress today—long ago. And have been walking the streets for them ever since.

    See, Copenhagen’s “Climate Change” conference failure set the puppeteers back a couple decades worth of deliberate propaganda and lies. Plus money.

    When it finally dawned on them they’d been outed—again—and that their global warming hoax had already seared itself into people’s minds right alongside their others—Darwin, War of the Worlds, the Piltdown Man, the Loch Ness Monster, 9/11’s WMDs, the Swine Flu “pandemic,” genetically modified food and their “Green Revolution,” and their great “Wall Street Meltdown,” they knew they had to do something about the Internet.

    Don’t touch that dial! More of the false flag show coming right up!


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