The organic purist, eco-conscious, thigh-conscious and dietary trendy may rejoice that Rick’s Dessert Diner on K Street has a new neighbor with a new selection of baked treats.

Sugar Plum Vegan, a vegan and wholesale bakery that offers fair-trade coffee and organic ingredients, has opened its doors for service.

The cozy spot, situated below what was True Love Coffeehouse, has just enough capacity to hold five small tables and a very friendly staff, unfazed by transition issues with the ATM and continuous stream of customers placing to-go orders.

"We want those that are hard core vegans as well as those who are just curious to feel comfortable here" said Owner and Chef, Melissa Sugar.

The menu, which is available online, boasts a host of creative 100 percent vegan entrees, employing soy and garbanzo-based alternatives in generous, heaping portions.

The nachos come with black beans, meatless chicken, dairy and gluten-free cheese, vegan sour cream and guacamole. The Midtown Club sandwich tastes like a genuine BLT with crispy tempeh and veganaise in place of the "B."

"We are dedicated to bringing the public a cruelty free and loving experience" said Sugar. "We offer items that are for the die hard vegans that focus on whole foods as well as the transitional foods, like Gardien faux meat and Daiya gluten and soy-free cheese".

While the menu is small, it’s also reasonably priced, with house-made burgers (garbanzo and veggie-based) ranging from $7 to $11.

Baked goods, Sugar Plum’s specialty, are not only delicious but also beautiful. Their creators seem to have found a way to circumvent the droopy look that vegan treats often wear to remind you that what you’re eating is a bastardized health alternative.

Sugar Plum also offers custom-designed cakes, seasonally appropriate pies and wedding/party catering menus.

Raw foodists and gluten-free eaters will find something to enjoy here, as will people who are into sunny patios, free WI-FI and don’t mind smelling like incense.

Sugar intends to open the back patio for performances by live music and local poets.

Stay tuned to the eatery’s website, as it is rumored that a weekend All-You-Can-Eat Brunch Buffet is in the works.