Let Them Eat Cake! – Davis’ new cupcake shop

Paulette Coffman and her daughters Chelsea and Brittany are crazy about cupcakes.

They’re so obsessed with baking cupcakes of every conceivable flavor that they opened their own business in downtown Davis called Let Them Eat Cake!

The Parisian-themed shop features three daily flavors. Let Them Eat Cake’s menu describes their red velvet cupcake, Scarlett, as a “scrumptious red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting,” while their chocolate cupcake, the Dubliner, is hailed as a “Guinness Stout chocolate cake with chocolate butter-cream frosting.” Their third daily flavor, called Illegally Blonde, is described as a “fluffy, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.”

In addition to the three staple flavors, the Coffmans rotate 21 other flavors throughout the week to keep the selection lively and fresh for customers. On Mondays, patrons can find a flavor called Happy Camper, which the menu describes as a “dark chocolate cake, marshmallow frosting and graham cracker crumbs.”

On Saturdays, the most popular cupcake of the week, Cookie Monster, is available. And on Wednesdays, in addition to Aggie Pride, Mini’s PB&J and Pineapple Express, customers can sample the flavor of the month.

“We’re really kind of geared towards childhood favorites,” Paulette said. “We have those in the case every single day. That’s why we keep our three daily flavors. But we’re also a little bit more innovative, a little bit more cutting-edge. You can find your standard red velvet here, but you can also find a margarita cupcake here. And we’re always trying to push the envelope a little bit on those flavors, so we kind of like to show our creativity that way.”

Every Saturday, Let Them Eat Cake! also features a Saturday Surprise cupcake, which is a cupcake flavor that is as inventive and imaginative as Paulette, Chelsea and Brittany.

Regarding the Saturday Surprise flavor, Paulette said, “We like to keep our creativity flowing. [The Saturday Surprise flavor] just lets us play. It’s baker’s discretion. We usually post that on Facebook the night before for our fans … No flavor is out of reach.”

Let Them Eat Cake! also gives back to the community through its custom cakes, available in any of the cupcake flavors.

“I think my all-time favorite was the cake we made for one of the local businesses,” Paulette said. “Their niece was diagnosed with sarcoma right before her 16th birthday, and so her aunt came in and wanted to order a cake for her birthday, and I said, ‘You know what? We’ll handle it.’ So we made this over-the-top, girly, sweet 16 cake that was just draped in fondant and hot pink and pearls and you name it. It was really just a knockout cake. And it was so sweet. That was a fun cake to do. It was a little sad to do but it was really fun also.”
Even the Food Network has noticed the Coffmans and their creative cupcakes.

“We got a call from someone at the Food Network,” Paulette explained. “They wanted us to come down to L.A. for an audition the very next day and bring cupcakes. I was floored. The guy said that normally they would ask for a tape, but they really wanted to see us in person so would it be possible for us to come to L.A.? So I told him the soonest we could make it would be Thursday, [a few days later], and he said that’s perfect.

“He asked us to bring some cupcakes, and then we had to choose which flavors. That was really tough. I think we took maybe six flavors and went down there and had the audition, and now we’re waiting for our call back. So now the suspense is killing us.”

Let Them Eat Cake! might have the largest selection of cupcake flavors in Northern California, but it also possesses something that most other bakeries don’t – personality.

Everything from the shop’s Tiffany-blue walls to the free WIFI makes it feel less like a business and more like a neighborhood café. Guests and students alike are encouraged to stay for a while and enjoy their sweets.

“It’s personal,” Chelsea said. “You come here and we’re family to a lot of the community, and it’s great.”

“Yes, a lot of customers have become not just friends but almost family,” Paulette elaborated. “It’s fabulous … We wanted this place to feel like home for people and to get to know our customers.”

Learn more about Let Them Eat Cake! by visiting their website or dropping by the shop, located at 423 L St. in Davis.

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