T-rex roams again at the Discovery Museum

Families beware, a Tyrannosaurus rex is running loose at the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center this weekend.

As part of the museum’s Gee Whiz Geology: An Exhibit About Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs that began Jan. 16, the museum is focusing this weekend’s activity on the terrifying T-rex.

This featured exhibit is geared toward families with kids about 12 and younger, but there is fun for everyone, as visitors will begin their learning adventure tracking down the Tyrannosaurus rex footprints throughout the museum’s grounds.

Families will learn about these huge creatures together as they move through the museum and interact with exhibits.

Beth Callahan, director of marketing and development for the museum, said that visitors can work on "search and find" worksheets to help learn more about each exhibit. These worksheets, or "discovery sheets," are geared for different age groups and will take visitors on a hands-on tour throughout the museum. She explained that at each stop guests will be able find information, answer questions about what they see and read, and learn together. As an added bonus, if visitors are able to answer every question right, they can receive a prize.

The main Gee Whiz Geology exhibit will focus more on the archaeological side of these creatures. Visitors will learn about different prehistoric eras through rocks and fossils and even have a chance to look at two different dinosaur remains on display.

Families can also create T-rex-related crafts.

"Craft activities get guests involved," Callahan said. "They can take home what they create to remind them of all that they learned."

Visitors are also encouraged to bring along a camera because the museum has some dinosaur costumes of all sizes that children can dress up in.

Though the Tyrannosaurus rex is just one of the many weekend activities created for the public, the Discovery Museum has many other great attractions once inside.

Along with the Gee Whiz Geology exhibit, the Discovery Museum offers a public planetarium, which according to Callahan is the only planetarium in Sacramento. During weekends, it is open to all ages, and the staff focuses on teaching about the night sky that can be seen from Sacramento back yards.

"We teach guests about the night sky as they can see it, so once home they can go in the yard, orient themselves, and look for what they learned about." Callahan said. "It’s like a take-home assignment."

The museum also has a wildlife show where families can learn about specific animals. Visitors are able to see the animals up close and learn about them. Next month there will also be an opportunity to pet the animals, such as with Rabbit Day.

Weekend activities are always changing at the Discovery Museum. Callahan said there are two hands-on exhibits for kids planned for next month: an exciting Mammoth exhibit and Gold Panning Day.

More information about weekend activities can be found at thediscovery.org.

Tickets can be bought at the door, and general admission will get visitors into all exhibits and attractions.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and from noon to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday.

The Discovery Museum Science and Space Center is located at 3615 Auburn Blvd., and admissions range from $3-$6, depending on age and day.

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