Guide to the online campaign contributions system

Campaign contributions to City Council candidates are not a secret. Citizens can access information about contributions online at the city of Sacramento’s Electronic Filing System.

The city has published campaign contributions online since 2002, said Assistant City Clerk Stephanie Mizuno.

In a Nov. 5 story, The Sacramento Press provided a guide to the city’s online system.

Since then, the city clerk’s office has changed its website. “The navigation is a little bit different,” Mizuno said.

To help the public understand the changes, The Sacramento Press is publishing the following updated guide to the online system.

The city clerk’s website now has two separate links that connect you to campaign contributions statements. These links are titled “Elections” and “Disclosures and Ethics.”

This guide will help you find information through the “Elections” link. Clicking on the “Elections” link takes you to the “City Elections” webpage. From there, you’ll click on a link titled “Campaign Statements and Disclosure.”

Once at the “Campaign Statements and Disclosure” page, click on the link titled “Go to Statements.”

You’ll arrive at a page titled “Welcome to the City of Sacramento Electronic Filing System.” Click on the link titled “Get Started Now” under the “Public Access Portal” section.

You will now be at a page with the following title: “Welcome to the City of Sacramento Public Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure.” There is a section at the end of this page titled “Browse Candidates & Measures by Election.” Campaign contributions for the June 8, 2010, City Council race are listed under the heading “06/08/2010 Primary Election.”

Click on the “06/08/2010” button to open a section titled “Candidates.” Now, click on the “Candidates” button to see buttons for City Council Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7.

If you click on “City Council D1,” you’ll see the names of City Council candidates Angelique Ashby, Efren Guttierrez and Ray Tretheway.

You’ll also see Lisa Kaplan’s name listed as a candidate for District 1. It appears that Kaplan no longer is running for City Council. She wrote on her Facebook page that she is running for re-election to the Natomas School Board in November. Kaplan did not return two phone calls from The Sacramento Press.

If you click on a candidate’s name, you will go to a page that lists campaign statements. For example, City Council District 1 incumbent Ray Tretheway’s page includes his Form 460.

The 460 form will provide you with the names of contributors and amounts of money donated to candidates. These forms also include figures on candidates’ loans, nonmonetary contributions and expenditures.

By clicking on “View,” next to Tretheway’s Feb. 2 1 460 form, you’ll read that his campaign amassed $79,278 in contributions last year. You also can read that AT&T California Employee Political Action Committee gave $2,500 to Tretheway’s campaign on Dec. 23.

Some of the candidates listed on the city’s online system have not dropped out of the City Council race officially, but have said they are no longer running for office. John Puente and Kasey Cotulla told The Sacramento Press they are leaving the City Council race. Mizuno said Jameel Pugh is no longer running for the City Council District 5 seat. City Councilwoman Lauren Hammond is not running for re-election; she is running for Assemblyman Dave Jones’ 9th District seat.

Photo by Anthony Bento.

Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press.





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