Any Given Child survey for arts education

A little over two months ago, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts chose Sacramento over 27 other cities as the first partner for the "Any Given Child" program. The program, which promotes arts education, will be developed in Sacramento over the next two years before rolling out nationwide.

Mayor Kevin Johnson emailed the following survey regarding participation in the Any Given Child program:

In October, the Kennedy Center announced that it would pilot its Any Given Child program here in Sacramento with the goal of providing access and equity in arts in education to all students. Since then, we’ve been hard at work focusing on this welcome opportunity to expand arts opportunities for all children in Kindergarten through eighth grades.

Part of the Any Given Child work here in Sacramento is an audit of arts education resources that are currently available in and out of schools. We need your help to gather this information.

If you are a teaching artist, a representative of an arts organization or of community-based organization with an arts program, I ask that you complete the appropriate online survey below by January 8th. The survey should not take more than 8 minutes of your time. The survey is being conducted by Meta Research, an independent research firm.

We expect the data that results from the survey will lead to recommendations for ways more teaching artists and organizations can be more involved in working with students in and out of schools. We will share the survey results with all who participate in the Spring. Your participation is key to a future where ANY given child has access to the arts.

For Art’s Sake Education Initiative Survey Link:

The survey will be open until January 8th. Please fill it out today!

Feel free to forward the survey to others you think should fill it out.

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November 12, 2010 | 10:37 AM

I would like to no more about Any given child. I feel you could help my son continue his education in art. he is attending the Art Academy of San Fransisco . he graduated from Valley High in 2010 and travels 3hr. each way to school from Sacramento to San Fransisco this along shows his dedication and stride to achieve. I am proud of him and will be crush if I have to tell his he can not go to collage because we cant afford it. help my son complete his dream. if you see his work it speaks for it self. so if any one in Any given Child that can help. contact me at Kenneth.james88@yahoo

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