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Solar Cooker System as “Most Meaningful Carbon Offset” Campaign Launched

Sacramento, CA, November 24, 2009. Solar Cookers International (SCI), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1987, announced today the launch of “The most meaningful carbon offset is also the simplest” campaign.

This campaign is arriving at a time when an enormous number of individuals want to do something meaningful to slow global warming. Yet, while our governments are painfully slow to act, options to offset our own carbon usage have been limited and, for many, of questionable impact. A recent report that voluntary carbon offsets for airline travelers do more to assuage guilt than reduce carbon emmissions has created a cloud of doubt around the benefits of such programs. "SCI’s campaign is different from airline programs in that placing solar cookers in the hands of people who would otherwise burn wood or fossil fuels, actually reduces black carbon by up to one ton per family per year," says Kevin Porter, Director of Education Resources at SCI.

SCI is launching an online campaign, with a video where people can make a fifty-dollar donation that will allow SCI to provide one of the neediest families on earth with a Solar Cookit system and necessary training. Donors of the $50 CooKit systems will receive certificates showing a woman with a solar cooker next to the large pile of wood that will not have to be gathered or burned as a result of the tax deductible carbon offset contribution.

“Solar cooking emits zero carbon, and it reduces the desperate need to dangerously gather and burn wood in deforested environments,” said Honey Walters, of the SCI Board of Directors. “Each Cookit provides recipients with everything they need to transition from wood fires to solar cooking, including essential on-the-ground training, a solar cooker, a black cooking pot, a clean water container and an innovative water indicator to tell when water has heated enough to kill deadly microbes in drinking water.”

Solar Cookers International is widely considered the world pioneer in advancing solar cooking, through its product development and field training experience. SCI has improved the lives of tens of thousands through the development, distribution and training of solar cooking devices in Africa. SCI helped invent an innovative “water pasteurization indicator,” a simple life-saving device that measures when solar-heated water is clear of all disease-causing microbes. For more information, visit

Progressive Source Communications created the campaign and the video found on the webpage.


  • Haven’t you heard, Junk science exposed among climate-change believers… Hiding evidence of global cooling.

    ‘Greatest scandal in modern science’

    • I hope this was an attempt at sarcasm…

      If not, citing the Washington Times as source material is on a par with referencing a comic book.

    • Yep, these so called “Climate Scientist” have been preventing scientific data from being released that would altered evidence to bolster the case for man-made climate change.

      This will soon be the greatest scandal in modern science.

  • Steven Bourasa

    Hackers found e-mails with leading scientists cooking the numbers to hide a cooling climate. Other e-mails showed that there is not a scientific consensus on global warming.

    Check out the debate!

  • The Parrhesiac

    Global warming is a scam by Liberals to seize power by any means…even creating mass hysteria.

    The screwed up thing is that for those of us who truly care about the environment, global warming propagandists harm the overall cause. It’s hard to take environmentalists serious when they fake research. If the far left lies about global warming, what else do they lie about to seek political clout?

    Global Warming is a religion, nothing else. A spiritual belief. And we all know that true believers can be very dangerous and will fight and die for their cause….which in the end is all about power and control.

    Why wont the Libs allow nuclear plants to be built? Hmm we could reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by 75% or more. We need nuclear power to produce the huge amounts of energy needed to turn our vehicles to hydrogen powered vehicles (Honda has a great hydrogen car) Hydrogen is the only reasonable and proven way to get away from our dependence on fossil fuel powered vehicles.

  • Sounds to me that handing someone a solar cooker gets more energy on-line.

    Deforestation is a problem to solve, no matter what your opinion on global warming.

  • This is a great idea whose time has come. I am tired of this “carbon trading” nonsense. And while I am conserving energy and changing my family’s life to be local and sustainable, I still want to do SOMETHING to offset the carbon that I do create. I’d like to be part of the solution, not the problem. So a “meaningful: carbon offset I can trust and humanitarian benefits as well…sing me up!

  • So, for all you doubters, you seek to support the oil companies (which are ripping you off and killing you and are the reason we’re in Iraq) rather than developing clean sustainable energy???

    That’s ridiculous!

    What has come to be labeled ‘global warming’ is a constellation of empirical observances, including climate change, flora and fauna life patterns, and a host of other cause and effect relationships, that, like it or not, are resulting in a decline of a sustainable environment.

    People who challenge these theories are usually paranoid, in total denial of truth, and ridiculously ill-informed. But, it all comes down to whom one trusts, I guess…

    Such people carry the water for the oil and ag industries who have modified our world from a more natural state to one where plastics and steroids have replaced what we used to call food, our basis sustenance is compromised, including our food and water systems, and quite observable weather/climate changes have taken place that have potentially catastrophic results.

    Btw, there is no ‘clean coal’, and nuclear energy is NOT ‘clean’. If you think it so, then go live by a reactor, or store spent fuel rods in your basement, for your ignorance justifies such ridiculousness.


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