Sac State Tuition Increasing, Classes and Professors Decreasing

I am upset and I am tired. I am upset that my generation is complacent. I am upset that me and my fellow students so easily accept things going on in the world that are not right.  Well I do not want to be complacent anymore. I am tired of it. 

Alex Gonzalez Jr., son of Alexander Gonzalez Sr., President of Sac State, received a marketing position at Sac State making $83,000 annually. The marketing position would require Alex Jr. to promote "Destination 2010," a campaign to turn Sac State into a traditional campus rather than a commuter school. 

Now, to be fair to the Gonzalez, Alex Jr. may be very qualified for the position. The problem is that no other candidate was interviewed and the position was never posted publicly.


In regards to the salary, I have good news about this and bad. The good news is that Alex Jr. is not receiving a pay increase for his promotion. The bad news is that he isn’t receiving a pay increase because he was making the same salary as a Sac State fundraiser. I never realized fundraising was such a highly paid position. Isn’t that like raising money with the right hand to pay the left hand?

This semester Sac State tuition went up by about 30%. Increases are expected to happen again. Not only did tuition go up, but faculty have been laid off and Sac State now has "Furlough Fridays." The situation is outrageous really.

I can not accept paying $6.00 daily parking passes and 30% more tuition when my professors are being laid off and the ones still there are asked to take pay cuts. Classrooms are over filled to where there are no more desks and many classes are no longer available. 

How can I or any other Sac State student speak proudly of our Sac State degree and our school when ethics and integrity our questionable within the Administration?

What would our fore fathers have done if this happened to them? What would Rosa Parks do? What would Mario Savio say?

I propose that Sac State students and students across California speak loudly and say "NO MORE" or carry a really, really big stick. 





  • Kassandra Perlongo

    I’m a Sac State student too Kimberly, and I completely relate to what you’re saying. Students and professors are feeling the crunch. I have gone to office hours with professors and you can just see the strain in their faces. They want to help more, but no one has the time. It is unreal what we have to go through. I studied abroad for a year and honestly until anything changes I think that might be the best solution for students right now until this lunacy changes. It’s almost cheaper to live abroad, and not worry about classes being cut!

  • Seth Sandronsky

    The governor just vetoed SB 218, a bill introduced by State Senator Leland Yee, D-SF, after questions raised about the business practices of foundations on California State University campuses from Fresno to San Francisco, Sonoma to Sacramento.

    As Kimberly writes, students are paying more for less education at Sacramento State. For the current budget year, Sac State is sending $5.12 million to University Enterprises, Inc., $4.8 million of which is for its CalSTRS building on Folsom Blvd., in part to plug the gap of lease revenue from nonexistent tenants. CSU Chancellor Charles Reed’s office has added $1.5 million for the UEI building this year. The property, which UEI bought in July 2007 as the home bubble burst, has an annual mortgage payment of $3 million in 2009-10. That rises to $3.86 million per year through 2038-39.

    SB 218 would have increased the transparency of Sac State’s long-term financial liability to UIE by compelling it and other higher education foundations to conform to the protocol for information requests that state and local agencies must comply with under the California Public Records Act now.

  • Esther Hodapp

    Kimberly – thank you for not being complacent. I think this is the first step in change – and hopefully this story can inspire others and be the start of something big.

  • Sal Lopez

    Richard I agree with you. I’m fresh to California too and I am also shocked to hear people complaining about tuition increases. As a out of state student in CA I am paying less than If I would have been a resident student in my home state. However I must acknowledge that you pay what you get for. Sac Sate has some terribly out-dated facilities, crowded classes, and mediocre educators. Not to mention the student body that is filled with artificial-wannabe Hollywood- scum from Eldorado and Placer counties. Seriously I don’t know how they get degrees… most of them are on academic probation and you have to fall under a 2.0 for that!! This school has some low standards.

    • Jenn Walker

      This is my second year as a student at Sac State. It does seem like there is a portion of the student body that does not engage a whole lot in their education, maybe they are not paying for it.

      There are overcrowded classrooms, and some of the facilities are quite old. However, out of the twenty or so professors I’ve had there so far, I personally have been disappointed with maybe two. All of the others have been really engaging and I’ve gotten quite a bit out of my classes.

      Although the tuition may be lower in California than in other states, there are a number of students who were not prepared for the increases, especially within a short frame of time, and are now struggling to find the extra money to pay.

  • I believe you can still get good education benifits by joining the service. (That is the only way I could afford it, and it worked out great)

  • Kimberly Keyes

    I don’t think tuition increase is exactly the issue. I think the issue is that tuition was increased and the administration does not appear to be handling the money correctly. Faculty are being laid off and classes are overcrowded. I do not mind investing in my education, but the money needs to be used appropriately.

    There are students that may not be involved in their eduction and may not being paying for it, but for those of us who are, the last minute increase was very difficult.

    Sal: I am not sure why you think Sac State is a “pay what you get for” school because there are some great professors. Dr. Zuckerman, Dr. Lasher, Dr. Stoner, Professor Maviglio, and Professor Howard are just a few of the great instructors from the Coms department at Sac State. Also, the Communications Master’s program is actually very well known and respected in the academic world.


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