Question: Tell us something personal about yourself, your family life, schools you may have gone to, etc.

Answer: I don’t know if any of it is personal, really. I think I am an open book. My family life as a child was not easy as I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and being psychic was against my religion. My family believed that anything regarding spirits, the paranormal and the psychic realm was demonic which was scary as a child. When I was five, my family moved into a haunted house. Everyone in my family had experiences with the ghost that resided there. I remember doors opening by themselves, seeing a female ghost, disembodied voices calling my name and objects moved on there own. I would see shadows of people when I was home alone after school it was so terrifying that I would spend hours alone outside waiting for someone to return home and at night my family would hear people splashing and playing in the pool, but the pool was empty. I thought demons were in my house.

Question: Before we really get started with this interview, tell me what your favorite song is.

Answer: Okay Paul, I love Clocks by Coldplay. Here is the song, in case you never heard it.

Question: When did you first learn that you were a psychic?

Answer: I had always wanted to be psychic, I remember watching the psychic friends commercials and I remember Kenny Kingston commercials and thinking it was so wonderful that people could do this, but I was sad I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I was fifteen that a friend I had met recently told me I was psychic when I was able to tell her things I had no way of knowing. She would bring friends and family to get a reading from me after that and I was always correct in my answers. I was way more accurate then, than I am now, because I didn’t know what I was doing and I wasn’t trying to control it.

Question: What type of psychic are you?

Answer: I am a regular psychic who does, regular readings and I am known as the Hollywood Sex Psychic. I do help people with there sexuality. I believe most of us are unhappy or unsuccessful in some area of our life due to sexuality issues.

Question: This sounds funny, but do you see ghosts?

Answer: That is funny; yes I do see and hear ghosts.

Question: You call yourself a celebrity psychic. Do you only do readings for celebrities? Are you able to tell us who some of these celebrities are?

Answer: No, I read everyone who needs help! I do however happen to read celebrities too. A lot of people trust what celebrities do, so the name celebrity before psychic just means there is trust behind the name. Some of the celebrities I have read are: Rock Star Dave Navarro, Comedienne Margaret Cho (I did a vaginal exorcism for her on Vh1, and Playboy Supermodel Victoria Silvsted, Todd Newman writer from Married with Children and a lot of other celebrities that I must keep confidential, due to client – psychic confidentiality.

Question: You are involved with a psychic network. What is the name and who are the psychics involved? Who runs this psychic network and is there a website?

Answer: My publicist Rita Wilson White specializes in psychics in the press. Her company is called Conscious Publicity. I have met all the psychics and they are amazing. Barb Powell is a gem! She is honest and straight forward, very quirky and funny. People just love her. The Shaman in our group is Kahshanna Evans who is also a model and actress from the blockbuster movie “Epic Movie,” this woman is talented. In an effort to find a balance in the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle she found shamanism. Now she is still an actress and a model, but her spiritual self is the shaman, spirit communicator and she also does tarot cards. Last, but not least is my best friend Melissa Bacelar who was in films like “Hotel California,” “Columbus Day,” with Val Kilmer and TV shows such as “Hollywood Residential a Starz original show, Without a Trace and a lot more. Melissa does a lot of dog rescue and she has eight dogs of her own. She loves animals. One day I remember telling her she is psychic and that she could do a reading and I went with her to do a reading and she was amazingly accurate. Then Melissa went to Kahshanna Evans and Kahshanna told her she would be an animal communicator in less than three months. Guess what, she was doing just that. It fits her perfectly because she loves these creatures and can connect with them on a more personal level.

Question: What TV shows have you been on?

Answer: Vh1’s The Cho Show, E! Victoria Silvstedt’s My Perfect Life, Dave Navarro’s Spread TV, Let’s Connection, Channel 11 Fox News, E!’s Hypno-Talk and I am filming another show with E!. I know there are more, but I can’t quite remember.

Question: What the heck is a vaginal exorcism? Pray tell.

Answer: I believe that when we are children we are affected greatly, by how we are treated. Most of us were treated like little boys or little girls. You are allowed to play with only certain toys if you a girl, dolls and Barbie, but no Tonka Trucks! We are told what kind of jobs we can have like boys will be doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, women are nurses and such. All of that prejudice and separation of the sexes gets stuck in your genital area, your root Chakra, be it male or female I think we all need exorcisms to get rid of all of the energy down there that is not ours. That is what I do and it is different for everyone.

Question: How can someone contact you?

Answer: Anyone can reach me on my website or email

Question: What conventions or events are you attending and when?

Answer: I will be holding a Halloween Séance in Sacramento on October 30, 2009. I am excited about this because I will be using an EMF meter and also doing EVP work during the séance. I want to document this experience. I will also be teaching people before hand how to conduct a séance safely, with shows like Ghost Hunter and Paranormal State. People go out there trying to be an expert when they are not and it can be dangerous. I teach everyone how to keep themselves safe and also how to keep the person next to you safe.

October 24, 2009 I will be doing a Tarot class at the Learning Exchange.
I will also be doing some charity work through out December.

Question: What are some of your recreational activities and hobbies?

Answer: TV shows! I love TV. In addition to that, reading, hoop dance, Bikram Yoga and travel.

Question: What are your favorite TV shows, movies, books?

Answer: Ghost Hunter is my favorite TV show and Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney. My all time favorite movie is The Fifth Element and Tremors with Kevin Bacon. Meditation music is my music of choice, but sometimes I need something to dance to so I switch it up. The books I read are healing, self help and paranormal books. Every once in a while I take a trip down memory lane and read R.L. Stein.

Question: Are you involved with ghost hunting? Do you belong to a group?

Answer: I have a group called G.H.O.S.T Ghost Hunters On Site Team. It is located in Sacramento and I am working on a documentary called Raw Fear with fellow ghost hunter Stan Hall.

Question: Did you want to go on an investigation with me? If you do, you are more than welcome.

Answer: I’d love too!

Question: I heard you were at Burning Man…is that true? Did you like it?

Answer: This was my sixth year this year and I love it. My mom now attends with me and we make it a family affair. I take Shamanic healing classes, chanting and meditation classes and get massages while I am there. I am not much of a partier, but I do have my moments while I am there at Burning Man.

Question: Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe and I recently did History Channel’s Monster Quest in regard to Batsquatch and Mothman. Are your psychic abilities good for locating strange creatures?

Answer: I have been able to pick up on strange stuff… but I think Barb Powell is more suited for the weird and strange. She trusts herself more when it comes to that type of paranormal activity. With myself, I sometimes doubt myself when I see something like a leprechaun, which I have seen in real life and I had a witness.

Question: Can you elaborate on the leprechaun story..pretty please?

Answer: I was living in the mountains (Santa Cruz Mountains) and as I was washing dishes and looking out of the big picture window I saw a leprechaun man standing behind me and tapping his fingers on my table. I turned to face him and he wasn’t there, but when I looked in the window there he was again. I kept turning to see him, but he only appeared behind me when I looked in the window. I said out loud joking, “I know you are here to help me, where is your pot of gold?” When I turned around it shot out of the kitchen and I got a glimpse. At that time I had a roommate and I ran in her room and she said she’d just seen a little man or kid run in my room! Then days later my roommate April Jewel who is also an amazing psychic was doing a reading at a shop when a man came in to tell her that he and his roommate saw a leprechaun banging on their heater in the middle of the night. They lived in the same neighborhood as we did at the time. The two men had no one else to turn to and they told her the story and she shared with them our story and that is the story of the leprechaun. I have to tell you one more thing, I have seen aliens at the Santa Cruz mountains.

Paul: Belinda, you are not going crazy. Monterey Bay is rumored to have a UFO base and there is possibly a portal near and around Santa Cruz where interdimensional beings like a leprechaun could enter. Also, the Mystery Spot is…well, you guessed it, in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is very mysterious and people have seen Bigfoot in this area and Bigfoot is at times associated with UFOs. Well, I can go on and on…but let’s move on with the interview.

Question: I sometimes use psychics for my UFO scouting missions; do you think you would be able to communicate with UFO occupants? If so, I would love to have you on one of my UFO hunts!

Answer: Yes, I love talking with aliens.

Question: This ends the interview, thank you very much. Great interview! Do you have any words of wisdom for your fans? Also, I must ask you one thing…what do you thing will happen on December 21, 2012? The Mayan Prophesy of 2012.

Answer: Nothing on the surface and everything energetically. When I ask my spirits I get that our calendar is off some how and December 21, 2009 according to the Mayans is not the same date we have marked on our own calendar. Since it is the same spirits who told me about the Tsunami in 2004 I am going to trust them. Disasters will get more frequent after 2012, but I don’t think anyone should be too afraid; we deal with disasters all the time. We’ll get through it.

Belinda was interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager  President  of