Kings fans,

I’m really excited to get out in the community to “Paint the Town Purple” and get to know the people of Sacramento. It’s always special when you know people and they know you. It makes it more exciting for fans to come and watch someone they know on the court, someone they’ve met and someone they can relate to. It’s also fun playing in front of people you know, people you see at Raley’s or people around your neighborhood.

My interactions with Kings fans so far have been awesome. They’ve welcomed all of us with open arms and have been very warm. I’ve only been here for three or four weeks now, but it does feel like my home. Sacramento is a great city and a great community.

Fan support helps the team a lot. When there’s energy in the building, when you can feel their presence, we feed off the fans, sometimes without even knowing it. When the noise level and activity levels rise, our play will elevate to the next level. It really is an advantage when you have an ARCO Arena crowd that’s loud and obnoxious toward the other team because it’s one more thing they have to deal with.

The basic thing about our team is we’re hard working. We’re putting in the time. Everyone was here before we had to be, weeks before the season, getting ready, making a commitment to this team and city. We’re trying to be something the community can be proud of and take ownership in and say, that’s my team.

We’ll see all of you at our Paint the Town events and ARCO this season. We need you there supporting us. We need everyone on our side. We need the camaraderie between the fans and team where we’re all working together as one and we’re all in this together.