SAVE Sacramento launched to Support Accountability, community Voice and Ethics in our City Government

A coalition of business and community leaders, Labor, and the Democratic Party of Sacramento County announced today that they are joining together to preserve and protect Sacramento’s community-oriented government structure and stop the poorly-drafted, so called Strong-Mayor initiative that, if passed, would give Sacramento a Boss instead of a mayor. The coalition will use the name SAVE Sacramento, an acronym for Support Accountability, Voice, and Ethics in Sacramento.

SAVE Sacramento will launch its new website,, today at 4 pm. It will enable Sacramentans to learn the truth about the initiative drafted in secret by the attorneys for Sacramentans for Accountable Government. This Boss Mayor Initiative, put on the ballot by SAG’s paid petition-gatherers, would give Sacramento’s mayor more power than any mayor in the country. Among its many deficiencies, the initiative does not include common accountability provisions like term limits or an ethics commission. The initiative would also give a Boss mayor power to hire and fire any of 5,000 city employees at any time, for any reason.

SAVE Sacramento founding member, Anna Molander said, “Sacramento’s unique communities need a voice in city hall. Our council-manager government gives every Sacramento neighborhood representation and a chance for its needs to be heard. SAG’s Boss Mayor Initiative will strip away any opportunity for regular citizens to have a voice in governing our beautiful, unique, and world-class city.”

SAVE Sacramento supports an open, transparent, inclusive city government that recognizes the importance of giving our unique neighborhoods and communities a voice in city hall.

Molander also stated that “SAVE Sacramento is committed to reaching out to all Sacramentans.” Details can be found at

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September 16, 2009 | 12:32 PM

The SCDP should be very wary of pursuing an Ethics Commission here. In San Francisco, the Ethics Commission has turned into nothing more than a fee generating scheme for the City by going after small Democratic Clubs for minor filing violations. The Noe Valley Democratic Club—a small, all volunteer group—was fined over $10,000 over late financial filings. Most of the other Clubs have similar horror stories.

The DPSC should be very careful what they wish for. The Ethics Commission sounds great on paper—who doesn’t like ethics?—but without proper safeguards, it can really be used to squelch grassroots activism.

September 17, 2009 | 8:35 AM

I was absolutely THRILLED to see that a group had formed to defend a more sensible and accountable approach to city governance, and to oppose Johnson’s power grab, especially because the group is affiliated with labor and the imprimatur of the local Democratic Party, to take up the mantle that the ‘Stop the Power Grab’ folks started.

This development, coupled with the very thorough and painstaking legal analysis by the City Attorney the other night, and the myriad cracks and exposures caused by the SMI that could cost the city MILLIONS in litigation costs should the measure pass, and the very real possibility of the Council reversing their earlier vote to ballot the measure, had to have the SAG group, and its interested parties, most particularly their counsel and the measure’s drafter, Tom Hitlchak, quite literally flustered and frowning at the REAL community will demonstrated against the SMI. This time the measure will be opposed by an organized and funded and angry group of REAL citizens, not just those who were told some fiction to obtain a signature in a parking lot, and now there is REAL hope that this very bad measure will be defeated, and perhaps BEFORE election day.

September 17, 2009 | 12:05 PM

Speaking of Ethics…..Why doesn’t the Bossmayor group have a FPPC# on their website? How are the people of Sacramento supposed to know who is funding their organization it they don’t want to disclose who their donors are?

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