Tony’s Fine Foods Expanding “Green” Facilities in West Sacramento

In a combined press release, Tony’s Fine Foods and the City of West Sacramento have announced a major expansion of Tony’s headquarters and food distribution facilities in West Sacramento. The expansion will accommodate an expanding customer base and new product lines, as well as business acquisitions generating significant growth in market share for the 75-year old, family-owned company.

The company will invest about $15 million to construct a new 77,000 square foot building to house a new freezer and automated distribution warehouse, and renovate existing warehouse and office space. The expansion will increase the West Sacramento company’s workforce to 365 fulltime employees, an increase of 75 jobs. The expansion will allow the company to serve the entire California market with an expanded product mix that includes more than 12,000 meats, deli and bakery products, domestic and imported chesses, pastas, catering items, and specialty beverages.

The City’s Economic Development and Development Services Divisions are assisting Tony’s and BTV Development, the construction project manager, to deliver building permits and other city approvals to achieve Tony’s operational goals.
Tony’s West Sacramento headquarters, a combination of corporate office suites and a perishable food distribution facility, is one of the most modern and efficient in the region.

The 143,000 square foot facility is located on 25 acres. Their fleet of multi-temperature trucks and trailers are carefully designed for hot, valley temperatures. Twenty-three sealed loading bays allow perishables to be kept in a constant 35-degree Fahrenheit climate, whether in storage, on the dock, or in a truck. Tony’s plant accurately tracks all products and ensures freshness by using state-of-the-art software for tasks such as radio frequency computers, real-time inventory, and automatic product rotation, voice-activated multiple order picking, and bar code scanning.

In 2007, Tony’s sought an innovative technology to hedge against future energy bills, maintain the quality of its perishable food, and provide a clean energy source. Working closely with PG&E, Tony’s invested in a 1-megawatt AC photovoltaic system, and applying $3.5 million in PG&E rebates to create the largest, privately owned solar system in Northern California.

"West Sacramento’s business climate has allowed us to focus on serving our customers and growing our business," said Scott Berger, Tony’s Chief Financial Officer. "We appreciate the City’s partnership with us to achieve a phased construction schedule that meets our operational and financial goals."

West Sacramento’s Mayor, Christopher Cabaldon, said, "The City of West Sacramento is proud to be chosen by Tony’s for this major business expansion. Like Tony’s, The City of West Sacramento prides itself on standing above the competition in providing superior customer service. Tony’s success demonstrates that quality, service and integrity, and sustainable building practices are core principles of today’s business leaders."

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July 20, 2009 | 12:07 PM

When is this project scheduled to begin, immediately? The 75 job increase will be a great opportunity for anyone interested.

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