The residents of Sacramento are lucky to have a world-class musician performing in town this Thursday night. Manish Vyas is a tabla player who usually commands a large audience. He has toured extensively in Europe, USA, India, Israel and Singapore. Over the years, Manish has given countless live concerts and enthralled audiences of thousands of people. The record-breaking number so far was 50,000 in Coimbatore, India in 2004. The setting this Thursday will undoubtedly be much more intimate when he entertains at Deep Art & Yoga, at 2030 H St. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. These are available through the website
     Manish’s ability to blend his talents together with many forms of world music has brought him the appreciation of music lovers around the globe, and caught the eye of world-renowned celebrities in the music field. The year 2002 was particularly special, with Manish being invited by Sir Paul McCartney to play at his wedding in Ireland as part of the Celtic Raga’s Band. In addition he has performed 
for Paul Getty III, Anoushka Shankar, 
Sir Jules Holland, Ringo Starr and Dr. Brian Weiss.
     As well as being a successful performer and recording artist, Manish is also held in high regard as a composer with a talent for creating beautiful melodies. Most notably, mantra queen, 
Deva Premal has featured many of his compositions in her CD’s.
     Manish has eight of his own CD titles as well; Rejoicing, Sufi Splendour, Water down the Ganges, Sattva, India Trance Live, Healing Ragas series and just released ‘Prasãd’. Each one of these albums has a totally different flavor – a reflection of his versatile and far reaching musical talent.
 From the ancient spiritual roots of Sufism and Hinduism, to the pulsing beats of contemporary dance floor; from music for relaxation, to music for dance, Manish brings his unique creative abilities to an ever more appreciative audience.